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Diwali Nevermore

There was eerie silence,
And in this silence was violence,
And in this violence was pain,
Of the little boy who lived down the lane. 181 more words


Is pessimism bad?

On a Sunday noon, when I got nothing to do and was just lying there in my bed staring at the ceiling, having random thoughts starting from a Korean tv show, a scene in which a boy who helps a girl with her studies advices to stick a paper with a dot on the ceiling and look into it for a while every night before she goes to sleep to increase concentration, and it led me to all other random thoughts( you know how crazy brain works) to finally reach a meaningful thought “what is optimism?” (I know the meaning of it, but what it actually meant). 484 more words



why should i be gracious
when life is hellacious
and gets even harder each day?

the smoke keeps on rising
it’s not that surprising
that we have all turned out this way… 77 more words

Unkempt Thoughts — Act I

Among the few truly influential and attitude re-adjusting books I have read, E.M. Cioran’s debut book On The Heights of Despair (Written at age 22, similar to when I first read it, aged 21), is certainly one of them. 1,152 more words


I Am Slowly Learning To Stop Awaiting The Worst Case Scenario

I am slowly learning to stop assuming everything bad that could possibly happen is going to happen. I am not going to picture horrible things happening inside my head. 473 more words

No Hope Allowed: The Futility of Pessimistic Conservatism

You would think that the #Walkaway and the #Blexit movements would be occasions for optimism on the right. After all, people are leaving the Democrat party, which at the very least would deprive that party of sure votes. 420 more words

Pessimist or optimist?

When the dark witch in C.S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair tells trapped children the outside world is only make believe, marsh creature Puddleglum says, “Suppose we have only dreamed…all those things—trees and grass and sun. 131 more words