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Moments too soon

A moment so precious, delicate, yet powerful,
I pray it’s not tainted.
My heart cries leaving me to analyze.

Let’s catalyze abounding fulfillments to come, assure me that optimism has won. 42 more words


Quite a number of things is not known to us and this leaves it to our imagination. Some choose to be optimistic, some pessimistic while some hang in between. 76 more words


Can an introvert be a waitress?

So I am an introvert. I’m the girl you see at a gathering who is sitting quietly and not talking to anyone.  I promise I’m not a snob, I just have a really hard time making friends.   600 more words

Frank Bruni: The Bitter Backdrop to 2016

New York Times — Already the polling for the presidential race is feverish, with new findings daily. Which Republican is leading in New Hampshire? How do voters feel, at any evanescent moment, about Hillary Clinton? 119 more words


Murdered by Pessimism

Crying is not scary
Wrath is not scary
Depression is not scary
Showing no emotions is SCARY
It means your mind and soul gave up. It means they don’t know what do anymore.

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Reasons Why I Don't Believe In True Love

Because I had a crush on a boy in pre-school, and he liked me back, but then he moved to Bermuda.

Because I made friends with a girl in 5th grade while I was in 4th, and it made me feel cool to have an older friend. 478 more words