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A bit of writers block

I’ve been a bit quite lately I know. It’s not for lack of wanting to share but, really all around nothing much to share. I don’t do very well with taking my time writing a bit at a time (I’ll have to practice). 152 more words


Battling Pessimism

Have you ever felt tired when you were not even doing anything? Do you often  daydream and regret about your current situation? Dear you are not alone. 274 more words

I can't


Everyone hates me. And I’m to blame for it.

Just a mere week ago, I would’ve told you that I loved my loved ones more than Romeo loves Juliet, and they would’ve loved me back more so. 714 more words


Nothing but a sad inanimate object

It’s a public holiday for my country today, Labour Day.

Supposedly a day to let civilians rest, but what good of that? ‘Twere been reduced to a day where we work harder than ever (linking Shakespeare to society at its finest). 680 more words


Think Well; Think Better; Think Best

Are you struggling for a victory, failure occurring again again?
Wow, it’s Okay. Yes really it’s okay.

Oftentimes things go OK or even better than that. 1,322 more words


Monday - 18/04/2016 - Sick

So today’s been so pointless, I had so many plans to go out but instead I woke up with some sort of stomach bug and been sat in front of the computer screen ever since, which is no good for me. 423 more words

Daily Post

Motivation from coach_doro

Positive people deal with crap abs disappointment as much as negative people, they just choose to be proactive and move forward. I used to be a cynical, pessimistic, negativity-dweller… but I’ve been working very hard to change that. 49 more words