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Chronic Depression

Chronic depression is visiting the darkness without being able to come out of it. The tight grasp of depression becomes a consistent form of consolement to those who never met the freeing light of optimism, hope, and faith. 41 more words

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Happiness in my heart

I get called a pessimist all the time. Hurts to hear it but I know it’s probably true. It’s not that I don’t want to see the best in things and people, it’s that the worst just always seems to shine brighter. 255 more words


Poem: Dusty

I’ve never been real, I realized

too late, soul sucked, plastered flat,

surveying that this isn’t a game

anymore over and again, eyes on the horizon… 123 more words

Andrew Halter


Being pessimistic is when you always look at things from a negative view. It’s a really bad habit because you become hopeless.

Although ,when being pessimistic you can see things, the way they actually are. 118 more words

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Summits and Valleys

Maybe I’m just slow and should have seen this long ago. Maybe I’m cardinally guilty of the same thing, and perhaps it’s so prevalent that it’s difficult to feel out. 707 more words

Cause and Effect

By Austin B. Hahn

As long as you have negative expectations of something, they will be met, and you won’t be able to see how it actually is.