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pessimist vs optimist

  Never become pessimistic.

A pessimist is more often right than optimistic,

but the optimist enjoys more

and neither can stop the progress of the world

Change Your Life

What is Life?

A poem I wrote dated 09.29.14.

what a pessimistic view on life
that there will be no more stories
you are, quite frankly,
making memories right now… 38 more words

Childhood, Coping Skills, When You Are Traumatized

I have the… perhaps pessimistic belief that everyone will see some trauma in their lives. Not everyone ends up with PTSD. People who do end up with PTSD do so for a lot of different reasons, some of them genetic. 66 more words

Motivasi diri sendiri??

Kamu bisa, Jangan ragu!!

Seringkali saya begitu tidak percaya diri akan banyak hal yang menyangkut keputusan-keputusan yang menurut saya penting di dalam hidup saya. Saya terlalu takut terhadap apa yang akan orang-orang katakan terhadap saya, bagaimana orang memandang saya, bagaimana saya akan berinteraksi dengan orang-orangan tersebut. 111 more words


I can do nothing. (pessimistic person)

I can do somethings. (doubters)

I can do all things. (boastful optimistic person)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 7 more words


in a constant state of hallucination

In a constant state of hallucination
Like an out of body exhilaration
I look at me and I look through me
And I find I am not what I used to be… 194 more words

Just A Little Blah Blah Blah