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eye of the storm

I believe this is the perfect way to explain how things are for me right now: in the eye of a storm.

that is to suggest that I went through some really rocky shit recently; currently, things have settled down some; but the worst is forthcoming. 411 more words


What do I learn from watching Animal Planet ?

Life sucks from time to time, I know, but life is amazing most of the times. It would be very hard to convince a pessimistic about how amazing life is but I won’t try as it is not my duty to convince you unless you convince yourself. 249 more words


I'm renewing my mind.

Right now my women’s bible study is reading Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. It is so good.  So many mind-changing, life-changing concepts that I want to put into practice long after the book is completed! 599 more words

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Embrace Optimism

Applying for a job? A change in your career choice? Appearing for an exam? Moving to a different city? Changing schools? In a new relationship? Make a choice to be optimistic. 480 more words

Human Interest

World around-2

Can live with it
You cant live without
It can really hit
Making you scream and shout

That’s what we call loneliness
That’s what we may as well call a mess… 129 more words


Giving Life!

Somehow, life just passed me by! I don’t know exactly when it happened, I’m just realizing it now. I’ve always been the one who lives for and loves every moment. 1,089 more words

"Stop being so negative, think positive..."

People always tell me that I’m too negative and I should think more positively, I’ve never known in my life for “thinking positive” to vastly change to outcome of anything that was out of my control. 1,572 more words