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How far down the rabbit hole?

I do not go out of my way to cause problems. I don’t try to make my mind think to one extreme or the other about something. 149 more words

California Fitness members pessimistic about compensation

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: California Fitness gym members are doubtful about their chances of recouping any money after it was announced on Wednesday (Jul 20) that the franchise has been put into liquidation.  448 more words

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Food for Thought

When your mind thinks negatively, negative experiences follow. When your mind thinks positively, positive experiences follow. My ex boyfriend, the only boy I’ve ever truly loved, was a true pessimist. 428 more words


Lời tâm sự của một con gián thời Cuba 2.0

Hỏi nhỏ này: Nếu các cậu biết tận thế sẽ diễn ra ở nơi các cậu sống trong vòng 5-10 năm, nếu các cậu hiểu ý tớ, các cậu sẽ làm gì? 635 more words

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Has anyone noticed then?

Yes. Yes, indeed.

“Dude you’ve changed. Your demeanour’s different now.”

And of course, being the high-class idiot I am I had to spotlight search the definition of “demeanour.” 545 more words



Of Endings and Death

There’s a nudge at the back of my knee. It’s telling me I should move forwards and for the most part, I do. 234 more words


today: stronger

I realise I often post on down days and though this is usually when I have most of my epiphanies (if you can call them that) in which I find a sudden ability to write more poetically than usual, I do not  want anyone reading this blog to think I’m an entirely bleak and pessimistic person. 549 more words

A Penny For Your Thoughts