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Poem: Down Low

Delicious, lovely happenings abound

around the area floating, if you look for them

in your imagination

that is, they reside on the slide

in the pride of losers clinging to each other… 229 more words

Andrew Halter

2017, April 14 - 2515 - anxious

i must guard my hope (5)
because so much can go wrong (7)
in just a moment (5)


Lighten up

The problem with a negative mindset is even if there is nothing from without which stops you, nothing that hinders you achieving your dream (for even with all positive belief sometimes there will be real obstacles!), you will stop yourself all for a warped belief that you simply can’t. 45 more words


Sonnet IV

Closing on those summer nights,
I can’t bear to say goodbye.
The fun we had reached new heights,
And now my laugh turns to a sigh. 71 more words

Literature & Lattes

When The World Died

I created this poem, I don’t know if it’s any good, but it’s quite long (801 words) so it rambles a fair bit. I don’t believe in structures when it comes to poems, apparently. 861 more words

Literature & Lattes


They say the first cut is always the deepest,

But the blade refuses to enter the skin.

I wonder if this would make me the weakest,

285 more words
Literature & Lattes

Personalities and Realities

What is life that we must hide who we are?
Is society such that we are not all a star?
Our elders in schools go on about us and individuality… 502 more words

Literature & Lattes