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Lies, lies and more lies

‘You can’t do anything right! even as a christian everything you do is never right’.

‘Are you good enough?, even….. and….. is better than you’. 192 more words


Life is Hard

Life is hard. Plan and simple. It’s hard being married, it’s hard being a parent, it’s hard being an adult child with aging parents, everything about my life is hard. 273 more words



If only I could eloquently lie

If I was an easily fooled kind of guy

I’d smile in the mirror and say “It’s ok.”

The reflection might call me out anyway. 77 more words


Someday that did not happen

When I was younger, I used to have dreams about things. Someday I would move abroad. Someday I would become something. Someday I would find someone to love. 562 more words

Writing Challenges


Look at the simplicity of that little word.


Three letters that stare out at you, taunting you, with expectations. Expectations that you should know …. 243 more words


Surviving The Work Day After A Holiday Weekend

You just came back from an unwinding weekend at the beach with family and friends. Now that the Fourth of July has passed it is time to get back into reality. 405 more words

Trying to find the Zen.

We’re nine days into 2017 and while I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions, I did state that I would try – emphasis on “try” – to be more positive in 2017. 477 more words

Weightloss Journey