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You have the freedom to choose to be optimistic or pessimistic. You can peel off your old attitude like a suit of clothes, and put on a brand spanking new attitude every single day.

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Upon the Marble Floor

Dripping like the fountain pen
whose ink collects in pools,
so too does mine own blood leak out
upon the marble floor.

Oh white shine, grow crimson, 75 more words


Night and Day, Moon and Sun

Night without Day,
Is really quite a fright.
The Moon needs the Sun,
Just as Darkness needs Light.

You’re the Hot Chocolate to my Tea, 75 more words

A different viewpoint to the question: "Is the glass half full or half empty?"

“Is the glass half full or half empty” is a famous proverbial phrase that usually signifies either a optimistic or pessimistic interpretation of the glass. The intent of this axiom is to show people how this situation could be viewed in different ways to highlight the uniqueness of perception to each individual. 95 more words


My way

Life is made of choices

Optimistic, pessimistic???

…I just follow my heart

Too many promises, too many plans

Difficult to remember now

So I stopped searching for answers… 35 more words



The future’s bright. The future’s slate grey.


P is for Pessimistic

I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t Fandango’s post for yesterday’s A to Z Challenge say that he was optimistic?” You’d be correct. I did say that. 222 more words