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The Pessimist

Write a composition of about 350 words on the following topic:
Describe a person who hurt you.

Why do you hate him?
He hurt me, scarred me, tore me to pieces, left me to rot. 797 more words

It's a SIN!

Yet again a confusing title.. but read through and you’ll get what ‘m talking about..

It’s a sunny morning but a gloomy day for me. 610 more words

Apology Before the Fact

***I couldn’t find an appropriate image to convey how I was feeling–not a non copyright one  anyway.  Also, I noticed that I had forgotten to put a photo on the previous post.  240 more words
Aspirations, Reflections, Perfection

Rejected ... again

Nothing is a worse feeling and leaves you in a more confused state than when you’re interviewing for a job and everything is going great and the CTO even says to “expect something formal tomorrow” and then you get hit with a generic rejection letter. 284 more words


Gravity…I am evading…Find me. Here am, I I am so lost. “The space” is a very nice listener, and sometimes so terribly nice to not even respond. 280 more words



Some things going on in my life right now that I have very little power over. Some are events which will not come to an absolution for days. 264 more words

Adults With Autism

Pessimistic Pollyanna

It’s not pretty.

It’s not at all pretty when a glass-half-full Pollyanna hits the reinforced concrete barrier of disappointment with the world and the overall state of things. 268 more words