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Still Sarcastic, Still Bitchy

The other day I was having a conversation with someone about the purpose of life.

I’m the worst person in the world to have this conversation with. 153 more words

Just Ramblings

My view

Some see the glass half full

Some see the glass half empty

I see one more thing to be cleaned


Pessimistic Anticipation

Holy shit I just looked and my last blog was the ONLY one I’ve written this year so far, wtf.

There’s been times here and there where I’ve thought about blogging but I can never be bothered. 413 more words

Fantasy Road - Dark Edition

Think about how quickly it can all go tits up. It’s not fun to think about, it’s not enjoyable, but it’s necessary. Imagining horrible scenarios can help ready you for them when they inevitably show up. 896 more words


The lie we live

Spencer Cathcart wrote and directed a documentary that gives a critical look at the present world around us. He exposes his truth about our corrupt macrocosm. 78 more words


"Realistic" by Maria Magdeleina Lotfi

I used to sign my poems with the pen name Abbey Stones, but now I go by with my real name.


eye of the storm

I believe this is the perfect way to explain how things are for me right now: in the eye of a storm.

that is to suggest that I went through some really rocky shit recently; currently, things have settled down some; but the worst is forthcoming. 411 more words