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Is Our God Optimistic or Pessimistic?

Are you a person with the glass half empty or half full? Do you have hope in things or do you find the ways things are going to fail and not work out? 246 more words


I Say The Glass is Half... Ass

why be


with the



nobody likes me

when you can be


with a



everybody… not likes me


© Steve Mitchell 2016



When life hands you lemons,

go fuck yourself.

The problem with optimism

Are you an optimist? Quite likely – more than three-quarters of us are. And it’s a good thing to be: optimists are healthier and live longer. 923 more words


Motivation for Survival - Part 1

The date is 5/17/16 and I am not feeling so great, so I decided to start a list of the reasons I need to stick around. 424 more words

You Are What You Think

I don’t understand why some people enjoy spreading negative vibes and being pessimistic. As soon as you ask them “how are you?” and the list of “ 565 more words


Poem: The Morning After

The time is now, that much is certain

to everyone, for everyone, too

much is certain, stores running short

of confidence, seeing the past and the future… 149 more words

Andrew Halter