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Sidelined Because She Rejects Radical Green Agendas?

By Paul Driessen – Re-Blogged From WUWT

Fish & Wildlife Service director nominee joins hundreds of others in confirmation limbo

Aurelia Skipwith has a BS in biology from Howard University, a Master’s in molecular genetics from Purdue and a law degree from Kentucky. 1,287 more words

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Eat & Support Organics: For you, the animals and the planet

My husband Hugo and I have repeatedly experienced scenarios with coworkers and friends where they question why we eat organically.  When we sit with these people at lunch and they catch a glance of a drink or packaged item of food, we are often questioned regarding what it is and where its from.  1,133 more words

Organic Living

Help make Brighton & Hove Pesticide free!

Want to help end Brighton & Hove Council’s use of toxic pesticides? Local organisation PAN UK have launched the Pesticide-Free Brighton & Hove campaign ahead of city-wide council elections on 2nd May. 96 more words


Pesticides influence ground-nesting bee development and longevity

Study explores little-understood effects of soil exposure on subterranean colonies

Results from a new study suggest that bees might be exposed to pesticides in more ways than we thought, and it could impact their development significantly. 702 more words


The view from the dumpster--Green isn't always great

Our neighbor has a green lawn. It meets the standard for “suburban sprawl it must be a pure green monoculture at all costs”. Over and above the standard costs of operating a weed eater, a lawn mower and a riding mower, he pays extra for the men in coveralls to come out and dump various poisons all over the lawn. 383 more words

Agent Orange and Dioxin

I wound up getting on this rabbit trail about Agent Orange recently because my father-in-law jokingly calls a pesticide that he uses “Agent Orange.” This incurred an argument between my wife and I in which she held that the pesticide did in fact have the same stuff in it as Agent Orange, and I felt that would be ridiculous! 1,141 more words