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Spider mites can ruin your roses

What could be stripping the leaves off the branches of my roses? I spray with a product that is supposed to protect roses from insects and diseases, but it hasn’t helped. 217 more words

Plant Care

Keep snails from snacking on the garden

I grow herbs and flowers in brick raised beds around my patio. In the evenings, I often see dozens of snails around the bricks and in the beds around the plants. 399 more words

Garden Solutions

The Neighborhood Gardener - June 2015

Happy Summer Gardening!

This month in The Neighborhood Gardener:

The 34th Annual State Master Gardener Conference – The highly anticipated State Master Gardener Conference will take place October 18-21, 2015. 393 more words


Tent Worms

So about this time of year tent worms appear in my apple trees, apricot trees and aspen trees. They are also known as web worms because of the web they live in. 155 more words


How to fight the whitefly?

Meet the whitefly

Whitefly belongs to the family Aleyrodidae, described more than 1500 species of whiteflies. Adults are 1 to 1.5 mm with pale yellow body and a pair of white wings. 897 more words


How to combat red spider?

Red Spider: the plague and its treatment

The red spider mite is a small 0.5 mm as adults. They usually feed on plants dry environments. They are called red spider because of their ability to spin webs but not a spider but rather a mite. 873 more words


An open letter to cat lovers

Dear cat lover,

Give your cat a little pat on the back, he’s been hard at work today.

While you are at work, out at the shops or asleep your loving pet has been very busy. 164 more words