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What's Wrong with My Fiddle Leaf Fig?

When I first came upon my ficus lyrata–the botanical name for the fiddle leaf fig–looking like this, I thought that I had underwatered it and my own neglect was responsible for this ugliness. 167 more words


Winter Heliotrope in BSBI New Year Plant Hunt

Damp streamside habitat of Winter Heliotrope, Petasites pyrenaicus
© Karen Netto (Andrews)

The most abundant plant during the first day of my BSBI New Year Plant Hunt 2020 was undoubtedly Winter Heliotrope, … 1,111 more words


Banana Split

Banana Split with ice cream and Blueberries. © Karen Netto (Andrews)

The British Ecological Society’s magazine, The Niche, arrived through the letter box in December. 437 more words


Are your Christmas Raspberries under Threat?

Punnets of fresh Raspberries (CC Public domain photo by Couleur)

If you search for Raspberry on the internet, your first page results are more like to turn up Raspberry Pi than the fruit. 844 more words


Houseplant Pest Habits

Yes, those are mealy bugs. Generally they are very easy to deal with, particularly when they are located where they are in this photo. A little alcohol on a cotton swab will wipe them right off. 141 more words