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What's eating the trees! 

Live oak trees are a popular landscape tree because they are long lived and relatively care- free. But they are undergoing attacks all around south Texas from Datana caterpillars. 139 more words


Am I Weird?

Stepping into my office the other morning, I had a moment of clarity, in which I saw my desk as a stranger might.

It was pretty scary. 609 more words


Glenelg North Community Garden Oct '17 - looking ahead

 Setting the Agenda for the year ahead

AGM – the New committee.

Old committee members never die, but they do eventually retire to make room for new growth! 1,337 more words


Trying To Relax As Woodpecker De-barks Trees

I got close enough to get a shot of him this morning.  My understanding is that a pileated woodpecker will usually only attack damaged or ailing trees, looking for insects.  209 more words

Friday essay: the cultural meanings of wild horses

Wild horses, known as brumbies, in Australia.

Michael Adams, University of Wollongong

I am walking quietly through the forest. As I reach the edge of the trees there is a snort and a staccato of hoofbeats, and four horses materialise only metres in front of me: a foal, two mares and a dark stallion. 1,830 more words


Spring Cuteness

‘Tis the season for growth and new life.

Unfortunately, that means lots and lots of weeds, birds nesting in the shed (and pooing on the car), and slugs multiplying like mad (and decimating the newly-planted lettuces). 85 more words