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Regina begins spraying to control cankerworms and tent caterpillars

REGINA – An early arrival of spring and pests could be bad news for the trees.

The City of Regina launched its Cankerworm and Tent Caterpillar spray program. 226 more words


You Say Potato...

I am hoping you all like potatoes, because this year we are planting a whole lot of them. We are not planting them because we didn’t have enough the past few years, but because of the symphylan we discovered we had in such high numbers… 344 more words


Indoor Pest Control Methods

Indoor pests can bring untold miseries for a lot of homeowners. The interior insects that are most popular are mites and ants, cockroaches ticks, bed bugs. 308 more words

Insect Tips - Normal Methods To Eliminate Mites In Order To Conclude Your Bug Problem

Normal ways to destroy termites have become more popular and more, with good reason. The environmental surroundings has already been full of chemicals, and also is add much more of subsequently into your property, where your household lifestyles. 472 more words

Indoor Pest Control Techniques

Interior insects can bring annoyance and miseries for a lot of homeowners. The interior bugs that are normal are bugs, cockroaches fleas, sleep bugs and mites. 296 more words

How Farmers Take Care of Bees

There is a lot of talk about bees these days here on the farm.  Not only is it the time of year when bees come out to start pollinating the flowers of many of the plants here in the Willamette Valley, but it’s also the time of the year when a lot of pests come out.  668 more words


Non Conventional Pest Control Practices

Despite almost all their benefits pesticides present an extremely significant threat to the planets as a result of over-use of these. Their greatest benefit, the capability to exterminate everything where they are uses, is their biggest problem also. 231 more words