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Enemies to acclimatisation

While on a hunt for early accounts of acclimatisation societies in New Zealand, I found this gem – a letter to the editor of the… 15 more words


Mowing grass and clearing honeysuckle

Below our berry trellises, I mowed the grass with the scythe. I also cut the vegetation from under the electric fence and over the other side. 185 more words


It's Lies, I Tell Ye - All Lies !

there aint half some rubbish published in newspapers these days – http://tinyurl.com/q78r4v7

I can assure you there’s no rats in my part of Brum !


Pest Profile - Longhorn Crazy Ants (AKA Hairy Ants)

It seems our little urban garden is popular with ants, as we have been invaded by a second species.  This morning while watering our chili plants I noticed a swarm of ants, hurriedly carrying their eggs to safety from the impending flood.   370 more words


Pest Damage

Today I noticed that one of the locals made a snack out of a Coral Fay stem.

It was probably a rabbit, as those things run rampant here in the ‘burbs. 27 more words


Pests, Coffee and Junk Mail

Recent research from Rutgers University has found that a combination of exercise and caffeine might help destroy precancerous skin cells.  548 more words