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Creek Critters and Other Catastrophes

So the armadillo who was rumored to have made a buffet from the cowpeas planted in my guerrilla garden turned out to  just be a rumor. 548 more words


The Heel-Adjacent Mouse Deflector

The trouble with having squeaky shoes is that they invariably attract the amorous attentions of mice, who end up following your loafers around in hope of a quick naughty nibble. 145 more words


Green fingers

The tomatoes are still green and are starting to rot,
While the marrows remain the size of a pea.
The runner beans can barely manage a crawl… 112 more words


Turkey Craw Dry Soup Beans

I pulled the first planting of our Turkey Craw beans out of the ground on July 12th and moved the plants into the garage to dry. 152 more words


The Natural

CONTRARY TO WHAT THIS TITLE MIGHT INDICATE and the topics of several recent postings – today’s is not about Baseball.

(This Public Service announcement has been brought to you without interruption) 673 more words