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Insecticide spray regime effect on cowpea yield and financial returns in northern Ghana

While insecticide spraying offers the most effective management strategy for insect pests in farmers’ fields, most farmers in Ghana spray only once in most cases. This is not enough to effectively control the insect pests. 74 more words


Natives.Aliens.Invaders. The lethal and beautiful Rhododendron.

The phenomena investigated is the new relationship generated along the growth of the Rhododendron. These relationships are artificially created (the plant is non native to UK) by a swift environmental change, introducing a new invasive element. 233 more words


Biotic Factors Affecting Agricultural Production

The manner in which activities of living organisms affect one another is referred to as biotic factors.Biotic factor is any living component that affects another organism. 136 more words

Biotic Factors Affecting Agricultural Production

Ponder the Common “Musca Domestica Linnaeus”

“Ponder, for a few moments, the humble housefly.

Well, first of all, “Musca domestica Linnaeus,” the common house fly, maddeningly common, is anything but humble. 545 more words