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A Rogues' Gallery

We have had our share of bug attacks in the Jasmine Garden. But over the past year or two, infestations have been horrendous.

The worst attack was on the guava tree. 506 more words

[Review] Sandalwood Incense Stick

I learned about this product from Facebook wherein a seller posted a video of the incense surrounded by dead mosquitoes. I was SOLD right away but then, I thought it could be just like the katol — that smells too strong yet, not effective. 357 more words

Flying Ants Drive Away in Ottawa ON

Flying Ants: Pests arent a rare issue. Bed bugs , termites and…

Africa RISING Ethiopia organized a training on apple and mango production in Tigray, Ethiopia

In the past few decades, apple farming in the Tigray highlands has expanded significantly since the introduction of apple trees to the region’s woredas by the Tigray Regional Office of Agriculture and non-governmental organizations. 375 more words


Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelet with Citronella - Multi-color 6 Pack

Whenever we go out in the back to relax and whenever I go on vacation it never seems to fail, I am attacked by mosquitos. I seem to be a common target of these pests. 388 more words

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