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Beets and rain

Today was a momentous day for this plot holder. For the first time in almost a month it has rained. No more lugging heavy cans to and from the water tank, or having to worry about seedlings frying in the sun. 467 more words

How to Identify a Bed Bug Rash

Bed bugs are a major source of frustration for many homeowners. These little creatures take shelter near your bed, come out at night for a few minutes to suck up your blood, and crawl away undetected. 478 more words

Bed Bugs


If it’s not one pest, it’s another. We’ve spotted what we believe are thrips on our selloum. Little, slow moving oblong black specks and smaller white sized flecks. 74 more words


Getting Rid of Garden Pests


A couple of years ago I bought a whole bunch of pansies and violas to bring some colour to my winter garden, and within a matter of weeks, they had been eaten up by some sort of pest. 319 more words


Aphid Agony

Contrary to all those jibes about the cobbler’s children going barefoot and mechanic’s cars being in terrible condition, my garden isn’t in too bad shape.  The veggie garden certainly isn’t in bad shape and this year, I put in plenty of nice, healthy broccoli.  1,297 more words

Rodents, your car, and hantavirus: What to do if you suspect rodents are living in your vehicle

Here at the Insider, we’ve been talking to Dr. Meagan Kay, Medical Epidemiologist, about the cluster of hantavirus cases that we’ve had in King County over the last several months. 1,117 more words