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How does your garden grow?


I found hornworms today. I managed to find 5 of them, I hope that’s all there were. It’s a very small garden. They decimated one of my cayenne plants, stripping virtually all the leaves. 220 more words

Sister Status: Growing the Family

Got my second round of corn seedlings planted in my Three Sisters plot last week. It’s still not all that exciting but I think you can see some progress: 322 more words

Growing Vegetables

Weeding and Ants

I weeded the second garden bed yesterday.

I am having all sorts of issues with ants this year. They are eating the radishes annd turnips, as well as okra flowers, squash leaves, and Brussels Sprout stalks. 71 more words


If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, He's Going To Sh*t In Your Cabinet

Cleanliness and order are precious commodities when you have tiny people in the house. I often get behind on the housework, but that’s only because there is so damn much of it. 576 more words


Mites(?) in my plants

Help! I have some sort of red mite on my cucumbers, and I have no experience with them. A search says they could be Southern Spider Mites, but those look huge compared to these. 66 more words

Garden Pests to Look Out For.

If you want to have a successful vegetable garden then you need to watch out for garden pests that lay their eggs on your plants and hatch into hungry larvae. 231 more words



This week’s topic discussed will be IPM, or Integrated Pest Management. IPM is one of the most important things for conservation and preservation. Without controlling pests there would be no objects made from organic materials to clean, house, or control relative humidity for because they would all have been eaten by pests. 484 more words