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Get Rid of Pests in the Pantry

How to Determine if You Have Pests In your Home. One of the most common type of home pests is the The Indian Meal Moth.  It is commonly found in the pantrys and floors of your home. 20 more words

Pest control around chickens

This is how I control flies, mice, and other rodents on my homestead.


Pe(s)ts Of The Furry Kind

My biggest problem is neighbour’s cats and dogs and no matter what I do, they are still there to haunt me. I have tried the sonic device and found a cat sitting in front of it, I could hear the device chirping non-stop but the cat probably had sussed that the battery would wear out if it kept it working long enough. 599 more words


Book sale=saved tons!

I spent around $35 ordering 4 books from Chelsea Green Publishing because they are having a huge sale (I saved over $90 off of normal prices!). 205 more words

Fall Webworm

Are you starting to see caterpillar nests in your trees? Fall webworm is starting to become active this time of the year.  You will find these caterpillar nests in various trees such as chokecherry, birch, and elm trees. 180 more words


I never had a cat, or a puppy, or a rabbit, or any other fuzzy creature that most other girls in school had. We could never afford a pet, but to be perfectly fair, I must say I never wanted one. 385 more words