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Exotic or non-native pests species can become a big problem when introduced to a new environment because they have no natural predators. There are many invasive weeds in the U.S., many of which have flourished because of no natural enemies to help keep their populations in check. 240 more words


Have Pests but Worried about Your Kids and Pets? Find out What the Pros Have to Say about Pest Control Service Plans

For Atlanta-area homeowners, few subscriptions provide as much bang for the buck as pest control service plans. With a wide range of household pests that are active nearly year-round, living in our region really calls for a strong pest control regimen. 51 more words

Indonesian orangutan brutally killed and eaten

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

JAKARTA: A critically endangered Bornean orangutan has been shot dead, hacked to pieces and eaten by workers after straying onto an Indonesian palm oil plantation, police and activists said Thursday (Feb 16). 312 more words

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Akita Inu – quốc khuyển của Nhật bản

Đây là loài chó lớn nhất của Nhật bản trong nhóm Spitz. Chúng có thân hình chắc nịch, cân đối, gân guốc, mạnh mẽ và trông rất ấn tượng. 8,835 more words