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Necessity is the Mother of invention.

The war wages on. Peppermint essential oil had no effect, other than to make their mud smell minty fresh.

I took everything down and disinfected the whole area (again). 119 more words


Squirrel Stuff!

I love to laugh. You know that, and I know that.

What I don’t know is how I came across this website in the first place. 224 more words

Janice C Johnson

I'm at war.

Swallows. They’re cute little birds that swoop and soar in graceful circles through the air.

They’re also relentless pests. A pair has determined that they are going to build their nest above my front door. 226 more words


THIS is why everyone sprinkles ground cinnamon all over their gardens! Genius!

want to keep pests of all kinds out of your garden while also giving some extra health to your plants? click this link for more info!

gardening with cinnamon…whew knew?



You can tell it’s getting warmer and summer’s on the way.
Something we never had on the boat and something we’d forgotten about living in a house: 369 more words

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