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Seeing as you're new here...

OPSRI New Zealand has a new CE, and to welcome her into the world of possums which insist on wreaking havoc to our cattle and deers herds, lo! 45 more words

Good year for dandelions, but a bad one for mosquitoes

A mostly rain-free spring in Calgary has allowed dandelions to thrive, but kept mosquito populations low so far.

“It’s been so dry that the mosquito habitat is pretty much dried up at this point,” said Heather Hastie, communications team supervisor at the city’s parks department. 383 more words

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Right now they are not my favorite thing.  Right now the only thing saving their feathers is the fact that I brought my big gun when we moved and not the less powerful one. 104 more words

Man, already?

What the hell? Rose sawflies (Arge sp.) in mid-May?! I knew I saw the little buggers flitting around last week, and today I must have picked almost a dozen of the larvae from the roses. 207 more words


Rid Tech Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

I think we live on an ant hill and no matter what i have used to prevent the ants from coming into our home it has not worked. 281 more words

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Kim Nelson: Critters

In the cartoon version of Snow White, little woodland creatures attend to the princess–they help her sweep her little room, get dressed in the morning, and even cook (which would not be very hygienic in real life). 1,055 more words


This Will Make You Itchy! Chicago Is #2 In The USA For Mosquitoes!

Eventually summer will be here and with summer comes a pretty annoying pest.


Orkin ranked the worst cities for mosquitoes and, get this, Chicago was #2 in the entire country for mosquitoes! 87 more words