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Ants become a major problem when they begin protecting scale insects on trees, especially maples. The scale, protected by the ants, can kill the tree. 121 more words


Scale (Insects)

Scale is a tree disease which is actually a thick covering of a parasitic insect about as large as a pencil point called scale. The scale insects barely ever move, forming a small, lumpy sort of second skin on the bark. 168 more words


Blackberry Gall Wasp

Identification: large (2-3″ is typical) lumpy brown growths on raspberry/blackberry canes.

Caused by a wasp that induces the growth (“gall”) and lays eggs inside it. The larvae hatch and feed on the material of the gall. 113 more words

Mr. Green, Spray Day, Okay?

In the commercial nursery, spraying for pests or weed control is essential. As an individual should you spray? Is it okay?

Yes it is, if you are comfortable with it. 273 more words