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Pesticide free herbs and vegetables: Companion Planting #healthyliving

Who can deny that fresh home grown vegetables are the absolute best?

But if you are like me, you often have problems with pests, like aphids. 252 more words

Cat Fleas and Other Pests

Dealing with your feline friend when they have fleas or other bugs nipping at them is no enjoyable at all. Cat fleas are probably the most common problem felines have. 62 more words

Wet Winter, Early Warm Temps Means Early Mosquitoes

The West End Mosquito and Vector Control Program protect public health by controlling mosquitoes and other vectors that spread disease. Mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents are not only a nuisance, but are a major threat to public health. 118 more words


Bed Bugs Are Most Drawn to This Color

No two words stoke fear faster than “bed bugs.” They’re easy to spread, hard to see and nearly impossible, it seems, to eradicate.

Thankfully, a new study published in the… 297 more words