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Caturday: DogDaz' Holiday Safety List

The cats are always amazed by the lights of the Christmas tree (which you can see reflected in the window behind Noel and Stella in this picture from 2013). 469 more words


Steinbeck's Caturday Art

Greetings all!  I finally got my human to turn on the puter for us so we could send all of you a little note.  Mom said that I could do the Caturday Art today so here goes: 35 more words

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Mom’s Home!!

I arrive home from work in the afternoon and see the Ducks already free ranging next to the house. A couple grazing on grass, a few taking a snooze under the picnic table and one standing on the deck in front of the patio door staring in waiting for hand outs. 281 more words

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We appreciate that our hoomans understand how boring it is to eat the same meal over and over again. They always mix it up for us and if we are on our very best behavior they make us breakfast and not just any breakfast but a pumpkin waffle breakfast. 138 more words

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Feliway Review

For those of you not familiar with Feliway, it is a product for cats that releases pheromones to make your cat more comfortable. A month ago I picked up Feliway Multicat which was supposed to keep my cats from fighting. 524 more words


We absolutely love pancakes and peanut butter so this is the best breakfast we could ask for. Mom likes to make us these because peanut butter is a good source of protein for us and because we love it so much. 262 more words

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Ice cream for doggos!? Need we say more. We love tasty frozen treats and we are a big fan of raspberries too. Raspberries are full of B vitamins, copper, folic acid, and magnesium. 73 more words

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