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Merry Pupmas

Hello, hello, hello!

You may have noticed my absence yesterday,or maybe not. I did make it up to you earlier by still honouring day 4 of Blogmas… just on day 5. 584 more words


The Dog Barn, St Helens

This weekend I visited some family in Widnes and had a great time with lots of food and drink involved, of course. After an amazing brunch at Harefield Farm, we headed to one of my favourite nearby spots – the Dog Barn. 325 more words


Night night Tony

A few days ago we sadly lost one of our fantail pigeons Tony. Big T. My Baby.

We don’t know why he passed away, maybe he was ill or maybe he was just old. 159 more words

Fantail Pigeons

Sleeping pets

An awww post of cuteness for today.

“Happier” days – Buddy on his couch.

And one on the move

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Pet cuteness from a blog new to me. The writer, blogger, and pet advocate, not new to any of those three, shows wisdom, an understanding of dogs, and gives sound tips on pet care. So please visit her blog, Pet Chat- more on pets, dogs, cats, birds, and more.

So easy to follow bloggers on WordPress, that's why I love it. 

BTW I found Pet Chat blog when she followed Dog Leader Mysteries on WordPress. This is the one thing I will miss about WordPress.com, the wonderful world of WP blogs. To be able to quickly search for pet blogs or writing blogs to follow, plus being able to reblog a few seems to grow my community without trying too much. After all researching, editing, writing, revising, and copyediting then self-publishing takes loads of time. So I like anything that will connect me with other writers, bloggers, and animal lovers, fast. [caption id="attachment_7015" align="alignnone" width="1957"]"I'm the boss," said Paris. Paris, our rabbit, wins over Sydney, our dog[/caption] Both our pets in the photograph above were adopted from local animal shelters. Paris lived with us for twelve years, an exceptionally long life for even a house rabbit. Rabbits in the wild probably live for about three years maximum (or so I'm told). If you have a photograph of a sleeping pet, or a house rabbit you would like to share with Dog Leader Mysteries blog, please drop us a note in the comments.

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Thanks for reading, Deborah Taylor-French

Baby pigeon problems...

Thankfully I’m writing this retrospectively and can say everything is fine, but my little squeaker Tiny was hurt by the other fantails.

We didn’t have any trouble when we bred squeakers before…but I suppose we only had the two fantails who’d hatched eggs. 661 more words

Fantail Pigeons

Breeding baby pigeons

When it comes to pigeons, my dads passion has always laid in racing. Even so, he’s always kept fantails – partly because they were used as ‘droppers’ (if the racing pigeons saw a fantail out, they knew it was time for them head back inside – so smart!) and also for the same reason as me…they’re just so damn pretty! 435 more words

Fantail Pigeons

Cats I've Loved and Lost

I’m sure you’re all aware just how much of a crazy cat lady I am, so of course when More Th>n, in partnership with The RSPCA, asked me to get involved in their… 1,068 more words