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First Night with our Lappy

My partner Ben and I made the mutual decision to bring another furry friend into our already manic family that consists of us, a Pitbull Terrier Kenai, a two year old terror, Caleb, Norio the cat, a tree frog named Dookie and two goldfish. 567 more words

Summer Vacation 2015

This past summer was a new adventure for Brewster. He stayed at Grandma’s house in Covington. My mom’s house sits on an acre of land to which Brewster could do… 254 more words


Lynn and Tony Everett reveal what life is really like sharing their home with 41 dogs | Daily Mail Online

There once was a show when I was growing up titled ‘ Eight is Enough’. Well, in this case…41 is the magic number. Stop and take a glimpse into the lifestyle of raising 41 dogs…… 9 more words

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It's All a Part of Growing Up

I can imagine that parents of teenagers hate seeing them grow up. Going through puberty is trying, both as the parent and the child. It’s awkward and they have these urges that they never experienced before and things can get, well weird. 347 more words


The Fun Times

Having a baby pig is a lot of fun. They’re cute, sweet and very dependent on you. Brewster was no exception. He thought of Dustin and I as mom and dad, so much so he that followed us everywhere. 299 more words