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Knowing oestrus and breeding in female dogs

Puberty or maturity in female dog is attained between six months to one year of age; it can vary from dog to dog. Oestrus or commonly known as heat cycle lasts for two-three weeks and a female dog comes in heat twice a year. 425 more words

Happy 4th Of July! 

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful day, just remember today is the day that more dogs go missing than any other time of the year, so be sure to make sure your furry friends are in a safe place where they won’t hurt themselves or get lost. 33 more words

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Review Time! Yaky Yum Edition

Our first review how exciting! I’ll start off by saying this is a good quality treat that is both gluten free and grain free. These treats come in 3 different flavors chicken, fish, and himalayan cheese. 165 more words

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Hello lovelies!

Hi everyone! I created this after thinking about what is something that all dog parents want? The answer: Honest reviews by real people. I guess I should probably introduce myself, and the pups. 90 more words

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