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Your daily dose of cuteness!

Here we have our resident ninja-diva, Buneary, modelling the new Team Superbunz! uniform.

The fabric of this adorable jumper features some of our favorite super heroes: Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, and The Incredible Hulk. 98 more words


Yes, Babe is a Jammie-Wearing She-Elf

Ever since I stumbled across one of the absolute cutest Instagram accounts I’ve ever seen — The Blue Boys — I’ve wanted to dress Babe in some snuggly, feetie pajamas. 275 more words


2015 ends with a goodbye

A lot of things on the agenda for 2016 Canada may pass weed as being a legal substance? Just think of the jobs created…. Sign me up. 122 more words

Gwen Stefani's Fashion Empire Will Now Extend Into The Canine Fedora Realm

America’s dog owners no longer have to live in fear that their furry companion’s fashion sh*t isn’t b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Gwen Stefani is here to style your dog and bring your troubled soul some peace. 315 more words


The Hat That Transforms Your Cat From Queen Of The House To King Of The Jungle

Somewhere deep inside your cute little meowing kitty, there’s a vicious roaring lion yearning to break free. Let your cat pretend to rule the animal kingdom with this lion’s mane bonnet by Prymal Comfort.  38 more words


Turn Man's Best Friend Into Man's Best Muchacho

There’s no need to leave your pet at home this Halloween—not when you could be dressing it up in this Mexican themed poncho and sombrero, and then referring to it as “muchacho” for the rest of the night! 60 more words


Show Everyone How Super Your Pet Really Is With This Powerful Costume

It’s a bird, it’s a plane—no, wait, it’s your pet in a Superman costume! Sure, it might hate you after forcing it into this Superhero getup, but your neighbors and the whole damn town will love you. 13 more words