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The Not-So-Fluffy Fluffy Puppy

Oh, Oliver.  He came into our lives unexpectedly.  An owner relinquishment we were to foster for Central Ohio Pom Rescue.  Oliver was a MESS. Obese- a whopping 24.3lb (but I’ll cover that another time), fearful of everything (again, another time!), and FLUFFY! 405 more words


Obesity is huge...Golden Brodie gives the scoop

Dang…did you know that obesity in dogs and cats is truly a problem…yeah…a life compromising situation for your pets?  Well, here you go…read up…information is power right?!… 82 more words


Puppies euthanized after canine parvovirus discovered at Calgary Humane Society

Two puppies have been euthanized and the Calgary Calgary Humane Society has closed its doors indefinitely after the discovery of canine parvovirus in the southeast shelter. 314 more words

Local News

So your pet has heartworms. Here's what to expect during treatment!

Living in southeast Louisiana, we have all had the displeasure of experiencing our local mosquitoes. These little pests are relentless in their drive to get blood meals from any warm-blooded bodies. 642 more words

Pet Care Tips


Mamma Kitty, now named Gemma, did not have enough milk to feed her babies so bottle feeding was started immediately. One day after giving birth, Gemma was lethargic and not eating so as it was a Saturday, I had to take her to the emergency veterinarian clinic. 134 more words

Community Outreach

Why Is My Cat (or Dog) Eating Grass?

Your pet is a herbivore!

Just kidding.  Cats are not herbivores, and neither are dogs; both are carnivores, meat-lovers, as you may already know.

However, here’s a little known fact: many carnivores need to eat grass as well as meat, because it supplies them with the roughage they need.  482 more words


Looking After Your Adopted Family

When you choose to have a pet, you take on responsibility. Your pet will be with you until it passes on. And, it doesn’t have a choice in the matter. 538 more words