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A new cure for lameness in horses

Dr. Catrin Rutland, Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Developmental Genetics at Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, led a study with the Kazan Federal University and the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology that discovered the use of DNA injections to cure injury related lameness in horses. 169 more words

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Freddo: The Fat and the Purrious

We know obesity is a problem in today’s society and there are so many plans and programs out there to keep people fit and healthy. Our beloved pets can also face problems with obesity and if it’s not properly taken care of it can cause many problems with their general heath and quality of life. 284 more words


Visit Pet Hospital to Buy Vaccination For Pet

Animals are the nearest friends of individuals and live with them, play with them in perfect balance. Individuals like them and provide complete protection and want to keep them safe. 184 more words

Chronic kidney disease in cats

If your cat is ten years old or older, there is a 33% chance that your cat will get chronic kidney disease, (CKD). Cats that have CKD often have a number of signs and complications which include, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, anemia, hypertension and urinary tract infections (UTI). 143 more words

Pet Health

Food Mistakes You Make with Your Dog

Dogs are full of love!   One Dog needs to be carried to get around!

Food Mistakes You Make with Your Dog

Much to my delight, I recently ran across a really great article on raw pet diets at a mainstream pet health site. 2,499 more words

How much do cats really know?

I took Angus to the vet this morning; Angus being the middle of our three cats, officially described as domestic short hair, but mostly Siamese in temperament. 395 more words


Knowledge Drop on Dog Nutrition

When we eat good food, we feel good, and when we eat crappy food, we want to lay in the fetal position for 3 hours and ask ourselves why we’re our own worst enemy. 544 more words