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Understanding heart disease & congestive heart failure in pets.

When it comes to the health of our pets, the majority of pet owners take for granted that our pet’s heart is healthy and in perfect working order. 492 more words

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Feeding Pet Budgerigars

For most Budgie owners, placing their pets on a commercial seed diet is a common practice. Packets of different types of seed mixtures can easily be bought in pet stores and groceries. 170 more words


9 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods for Dogs

It’s hard to resist sharing food with your dog, especially when she looks up at you with those, well, puppy dog eyes. But, while some human snacks are safe in small doses, others are downright dangerous foods for dogs. 44 more words

Tapeworms and Roundworms In Cats

Two of the most common intestinal worms of cats are tapeworms and roundworms. Heavy parasite loads can have a profound effect on the animal’s health and wellbeing, thus infestations should never be left untreated. 138 more words


Tips To Prevent Your Pet Cat From Becoming A Fussy Eater

Are you concerned that your fussy-eater will go hungry and eventually suffer from malnutrition? There are a variety of reasons pets turn their noses up during mealtimes. 178 more words

Pet Health

I live with a flea-bag!

I love my baby sister, I really do, but she’s so disgusting! She’s a little flea bag!

I’ve never had fleas in my life, and now that she’s here we just can’t seem to shake them! 139 more words


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