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Be Aware From Heartworm Disease in Your Pets!

“Heartworm Disease In Dogs”– A very crucial topic for pet owners especially for those who taken care of their pets really well. To know about heartworm disease is to keep the worms away from your pet’s heart and body too. 409 more words

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Pet Bad Odour – How Do You Tackle It

Furry animals add a new leaf in the lives of pet-parents. But every pet has its own smell. Even if pet-parents would not mind their odour, it can be irritating for outsiders. 537 more words

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Arthritis Conditions in Pets- Managing a Painful Condition

It is perfectly normal for our dogs and cats to slow down a bit as they age.  But when they begin having difficulty walking or even lowering their heads to eat, they may be exhibiting signs of arthritis, a disease that can be debilitating but one that can be managed. 425 more words

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Tips for the Season

With the upcoming warm weather, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how temperature changes can affect your pet. Take a look at these warm-weather tips to protect your loved one! 245 more words


Where's that little green vomit emoji when you need it?

Bet you thought I quit again. Nope! Just been super busy.

Raw Roundup 2015 has changed us. My biggest take-away so far comes from noted Australian veterinary surgeon, Dr. 709 more words

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How to Choose a Professional Dog Trainer?

As a pet-parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your dog and train them efficiently. One way to do that effectively is by selecting the right dog trainer for your pet. 654 more words

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Ten Most Common Pet Toxins of 2014

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) in Urbana, IL handled more than 167,000 calls involving pets exposed to possibly poisonous substances in 2014. Nearly 16% of those calls were from pet parents whose pets got into medicines intended for human use, putting this category at the top of the toxin list for the seventh year in a row. 461 more words

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