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Raw Food is best for our Pets, Right?

Some Veterinarians say “yes”, but not so fast.

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Some of the same so called “experts”, using the title of “veterinarian”, also have a monetary interest in spinning a “tale of benefits”, because they also profit from the sale of raw food for pets. 500 more words


Fish Broth for Dogs & Cats (if the cat will eat it)

Yesterday was my first attempt at homemade organic fish broth. Against advise,  I did use Salmon, which I was warned would have a stronger smell.  Lesson learned!   594 more words

The Ad Agency: A Pet Food Tool

The more I research the pet food industry, the more I learn about how its manufacturers love to fool loving pet parents into believing that their ingredients are human grade, by using pictures that show fresh veggies and plump chickens.   875 more words


Our Furry Friends Need Paula's Purple Rice Too!

Emma Birch shared:

“Here are my two kitties. The one on the left is 15 years old (kitty boo), and the one on the right is almost 12 (Punkin).  176 more words

Tips for Lovebird Owners

Birds make interesting pets, but every single one is different. Owning a parrot poses different challenges than owning a canary, so finding the right information about your specific species is extremely important. 361 more words


Why Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered?

Any veterinarian will tell you—having your pet spayed or neutered is one of the best things you can ever do for them.

Eliminate or Reduce Cancer Risk… 339 more words

Treats and Supplements for Chinchillas

The ideal chinchilla diet starts with specialty pellets and hay. The pellets provide all the nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy, while the hay can help his teeth stay neat and trim. 380 more words