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All about Fleas: What You Need to Know

Fleas have been around for thousands of years and have been responsible for some of the worst outbreaks of disease the world has ever seen—like… 412 more words

'Kind of a miracle': Family dog rescued after four weeks in a well fights for its life at veterinary college in Saskatoon

Bruno weighed less than 50 pounds — about half his usual weight — when he arrived at an Estevan veterinary clinic a week ago.

The seven-year-old chocolate lab was caked with mud, severely dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia when he was rescued after spending almost a month at the bottom of a well. 371 more words

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Important Questions To Ask Your Vet About Cat's Health

When you visit the veterinarian with your cat for regular checkup your vet will start to examine your furry pal by asking you some questions to rule out any serious feline diseases. 438 more words

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Most Common Diseases To Watch Out For In Young Kittens

It is a great feeling when your feline gives birth to young kittens. These little bundles of fur are so small, attractive and dainty that it is difficult to see them suffer any disease. 620 more words

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Protect Your Pet Bird From Poxvirus Infections

Poxvirus can affect any species of bird. It is often called after the species that is being affected. So you have lovebird pox, finch pox, canary pox, and so on. 142 more words


Puppy Nutrition And Feeding Guideline

Puppies need to be fed more often than adults. Puppy-hood is a time their bodies and brains have to develop incredibly quickly. It is very essential to feed a high quality and good amount of food for rapid growth and development. 464 more words

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Our Pets- Goldie our Chihuahua

Goldie at 4 weeks old. Precious baby.

Goldie at 11 weeks. She sure loves her Poppa.

We adopted Goldie at just 4 weeks old and she was the runt of the litter. 214 more words