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Senior Dogs 101: Supplementing For Longevity!

I know I’ve been mentioning Ru’s age a lot more than usual, but I guess that’s because I want to stay aware of what this next phase of life will bring. 569 more words

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Importance of Providing Balanced Nutrition to Pets

A proper combination of nutrients is highly essential when feeding your pets. This is because, like humans, your pets too require a certain combination of carbohydrates, proteins and other minerals in order to function normally. 340 more words

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Fat Cats!

No, I don’t mean the political fat cats, but rather the ones that meow and purr. Have you noticed that the pressures of cat-napping have taken a toll on your cat, resulting in a little weight gain? 683 more words



Have you ever looked at your kitty and marveled at his resemblance to the magnificent wild LION ? Actually the only difference between the lion and your furry bff is sizing. 776 more words


Essential Nutrients Every Dog Needs

When owning a dog, it is important for individuals to be aware about their responsibilities. For one, individuals need to make sure that dogs visit veterinarian regularly to prevent certain diseases. 184 more words

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What you should know about your pet’s nutrition: 597 more words


Cranberries in Pet Food

There are always a lot of questions when it comes to pet food ingredients. Probably our biggest hurdle in the pet food business is overcoming pet owner’s opinions and misinformation about what is good and bad as far as ingredients go. 198 more words

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