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Feed your dog vegetables, help save the world

University of Guelph researcher predicts vegan dog food will be next to emerge

Over half of Canadian households include at least one pet and, according to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, pet owners are expected to spend upwards of $8.3 billion on dry kibble alone by 2018 … [Read more at GuelphToday.com]


Raw Food, real ingredients with real benefits.

One of the biggest and fastest growing sectors of the pet industry is of course pet food. Raw Food is currently taking the pet industry by storm. 561 more words

5 Great Products on AMAZON| For Raw Feeders

As a raw feeder, I often think that I need to purchase all my feeding supplies from niche, boutique pet stores. While I love supporting these types of stores (in fact I own one), online shopping offers a convenient way to access feeding supplies without having to leave your house. 365 more words

Bones 102: A Guide to Feeding Bones

Ever wondered which bones are best for your pet? Let’s take a look!

Beef and Buffalo Femurs (Recreational):
Femurs are the long bones of ungulate animals. 632 more words

BONES 101 (Part 1)

When it comes to raw feeding for your pet, bones are essential. They are nature’s toothbrush and aid in keeping your pet’s teeth and gums in perfect shape. 1,374 more words

Pets with Health Problems? Why We Recommend a Raw Diet.

We are a store dedicated to helping you keep your pet as healthy as possible which means we often see pets that are really struggling with health issues. 317 more words

Pet Health

Cancer, Longevity, and the Fresh Food Correlation

We all want our pets to live forever, sadly their lifespans are much shorter than ours. Cancer is rampant in our pets today. Between environmental factors, genetics and everything else to consider it is hard to figure out how, or if, we can help. 83 more words

Pet Health