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No Onions Please

Our little dog, Magi, had been having issues with frequent bouts of diarrhea since October.  We had tried many things and were making all of her dog food in the case she had developed a food allergy to any of the ingredients frequently found in processed dog food.  620 more words


Feed your Soul

They busily brush past her with and air of  annoyance; as if she is merely a narrow doorway on their quest. For her part, she doesn’t seem to take this as a personal affront. 467 more words


Few Effective Natural De-Worming Remedies for Dogs

Every pet owner wants to maintain proper pet health. Unfortunately, they go through various health issues and one of the most common problems is the worms. 436 more words

Pet Nutrition

Three Steps to Selecting Adequate Nutrition for Your Dog or Cat

by Jason Smith

When you first brought your dog home, how did you decide what to feed him? You probably selected a popular brand of kibble off the shelf at your local supermarket based on recommendations from family, friends, or your veterinarian. 1,121 more words


Clinical Pet Nutrition

Nutrition for Our pets, LLC offers clinical pet nutrition consultations for dog and cat caregivers.  We are well versed in homemade diets, herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, and complimentary care for companion animals. 236 more words

Garlic? To Eat, or Not to Eat?

Summer is here and with all the warm temperatures, we increase our vigilance on preventing fleas and ticks.  After taking time in researching different methods of preventing and controlling those annoying pests, I’ve grown ever so weary of using insecticides which are either applied behind the shoulder blades of dogs and absorbed through their skin and circulated throughout their bloodstream or our pets are dipped into a bath of them.   488 more words

Behavior Modification

Top Three Advantages of Raw Pet Foods

Owners who are concerned about their pets must be looking for a good solution to put an end of the problems faced by their pets. There is no doubt about the fact that the well-being of pets depends on what they are fed. 442 more words

Pet Nutrition