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Why Healthy and Raw Food Items Are Healthy For Dogs

Every one of you needs a healthy and proper diet for living. When it is about the health of your pet, this diet needs to be more specific. 428 more words


Dog Food: Beef with Spinach and Tomato

I feel like I start off every post with ” IT’S SUPER SIMPLE”. It’s true though, again, this is a super simple, last-minute, thrown together meal that your dog will love. 515 more words


Pet Poisoning- Things That Can Put Your Furry Friends In Grave Danger

Pet parents would skip a beat if they see their furry friends coming in contact with any toxic substances. It is practically impossible to keep trail of your canines and felines all the time. 608 more words

Pet Nutrition

How we choose what we carry; or, how to choose a safe food

We are often asked how we choose the few brands of food we do carry.  The list of qualifications is fairly easy to share, but know that situations change all the time, and the questions must be asked again and again of every brand you “trust”.  705 more words

10 Non-edible Foods For Pets (& The Reasons To Avoid Them)

Whenever you have food, you must be putting some crumbs or a bit of share of whatever you are eating in a bowl for your pets. 829 more words

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Ted's 1st Barkday at Barkin' Bakes Treat Cafe, Pooch Park Ali Mall

We were really nervous about this party because we wanted to make it really special for our beloved clients. With less than a week to prepare, we understood that expectations were high and a lot was at stake, but we were excited and determined to deliver. 568 more words

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People Foods That Dogs CAN Eat

Although we’re not condoning feeding your dog from the table, we decided to take a different approach to poison prevention month and mention some foods your dogs CAN have, instead of just the one’s they can’t. 117 more words

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