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Allergy Sufferers Find Relief in Immunotherapy Toothpaste

Such a great idea – just brush away your allergies!

Millions of Americans suffer from pet allergies that prevent them from enjoying the benefits of owning a dog or a cat… 335 more words


How to Make a DIY Dog Obstacle Course at Home

I attended the National Dog Show taping a few years ago and was able to watch some of the dogs complete obstacle courses. It was really neat and so cute to see how proud the dogs were and how much fun they were having! 1,038 more words



It’s still SO hot outside! But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! It might be too hot to take a walk or go to the park but why don’t you give your dog a bone and get coloring! 132 more words


The Best Way to Move With Pets Without Freaking Them Out

Moving is a hectic time for everyone, including pets. Read below to make sure you help them ease into the transition as calmly as possible. 897 more words


The Multiple Dog Household

The multiple dog household can be a daunting task to undertake! We all start with one right? How does one become more? Just over seven years ago, I got Layla. 1,662 more words


Massage for Dogs

The benefits of massage to puppies and dogs cannot be recommended enough; humans have been reaping the benefits of massage for centuries!  Massage is touch in its most positive form, and most dogs love being fussed and stroked by a pet parent or in fact any human at all. 433 more words