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Happy Father's Day!!!

If my Father was alive today I’d have definitely wished him! If I had a human child she/he would have definitely wished their Dad…

What I have are 2 lovely fur babies and I am wishing their human Dad from their side… 9 more words

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Shaving your dog

Shaving your dog in the summer may not be a good idea.

Trimming longer strands and removing mats will help your dog feel more comfortable in summer’s heat but close clipping or shaving may not be helpful.  35 more words

Linda Saraco

Happy Dog Mom Day🐾🐾

Here’s the anthem for all the women who love taking care of their pups like LADY BOSSES

#MothersDay #DogPeopleGetIt #HWHD # HappyDogMomDay

If You’re A Dog Mom… 595 more words


Humanization of Pet Food

Today’s pet food trends can make finding the perfect food challenging.  Pet owners today want foods that are more like the food they eat themselves. For example: Jerky, All Beef, Vegetarian meals, simple no additives, and Non-GMO. 383 more words


Kibble, raw or vegetarian: what should you feed your pet?

There are a lot of opinions on the best way to feed your pet. Some people advocate for a totally raw diet, while others think classic kibble is the way to go. 537 more words


The Winter of Flea Occupation

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard people say, “We’ve never had fleas,” then we find fleas or flea dirt during the physical exam. 1,030 more words

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My illicit affair 

Those of you who have indulged will know exactly what this post ‘My illicit affair’ means… it has to do with puppy love, of the real-puppy kind…  284 more words

Puppy Love