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Fall concerns

Seasonal Concerns

Fall in New England is a great time to be active outdoors with your dog.

Here are few seasonal safety concerns I keep in mind for fun throughout this season. 528 more words

Animal Communication

Remembering Aughe

Remembering my BFF today who passed away four year ago today. She was a real character. Aughe, I miss you.

Excerpt from: The Passion Prerogative… 233 more words


More Daisy Bravery

She was scared until it was time to be brave!

This morning as I was starting my day and wondering about the tropical storm approaching this area, a really cool memory of my dog Daisy came to me, and I found myself grinning. 468 more words

Animal Communication

An Act of Valor

A dog is a man’s best friend. Ask yourself the question: Would a best friend risk their own life to save yours? In Daisy’s case, the answer would be yes. 667 more words

Animal Communication

It's just not fair!

At the Pet Rock Festival on Sunday, September 10th I am offering a $10.00 discounts on animal communication sessions, and a contest to win $50.00 off an IARC program for your animal friend, but now I feel it is not fair to offer discounts just to folks who are at Pet Rock.   89 more words

Animal Communication

Book Review: Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master

The stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – take us on a roller coaster ride that becomes unnerving. Not everyone may go through all of them and the order may vary from individual to individual. 548 more words

Pet Parents

Restaurants Dos and Don'ts: PETS!

Greetings to all my PET PARENTS! I love you. I really really really do . . . however, do you absolutely have to bring your “baby” with you when you want food? 599 more words