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This Weird Device Will Make Your Cat Love You

This is quite an interesting new grooming device! Can’t say I’d use it but… to each their own!

For cats, grooming by licking each other is an integral part of social bonding. 64 more words


Dogs, Gardening and what not to plant

As an enthusiastic gardener many weekends and even some nice late afternoons in the week are spent in our vegetable and flower beds weeding and tending to our plants. 463 more words


A Note From Sassy Jack

Hello everyone!
We have had some exciting happenings at home lately, and as a result my Mum just hasn’t been able to keep up with the blog! 125 more words

Pet Parents

Product Review: Grandma Lucy's Treats & Meals

Dog parents are always looking for healthy ways to treat their pets to the very best! Whether it is the best food or the best treats, dog parents are always on the lookout for what will work for Fido. 1,186 more words


Hundreds Respond to Ad Seeking NYC Tortoise Walker

I saw this story on the news a few weeks ago and it just popped up again in a Google search I did – so cute! 409 more words

Pet Parents

It's a Dog's Day

Today our little furry bundle of joy turns 2 years old. In dog years, I guess he’s pretty much a teenager, and is considered to be fully grown and fully matured at this stage. 294 more words


Dogs & De-Stressing

Yesterday was a stress full day. The type of day where you want to bang your head against a brick wall or spontaneously burst into floods of tears because the work pressure on you is too much. 290 more words