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A Letter from Pluto to all his Furry Friends!

“Dear Readers,

Woof! Woof!

Hope you all are doing paw-somely well!

I am doing great too :D After having breakfast, I went for the morning walk with my favourite person – the dog walker! 722 more words

Remembering Aughe

Remembering my BFF today who passed away four year ago today. She was a real character. Aughe, I miss you.

Excerpt from: The Passion Prerogative… 233 more words


Book Review: Jack McAfghan: Reflections on Life with my Master

The stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – take us on a roller coaster ride that becomes unnerving. Not everyone may go through all of them and the order may vary from individual to individual. 548 more words

Pet Parents

Restaurants Dos and Don'ts: PETS!

Greetings to all my PET PARENTS! I love you. I really really really do . . . however, do you absolutely have to bring your “baby” with you when you want food? 599 more words


Pets, Parents & The Gap.

Being born in a conservative Brahmin family comes with its perks. In my household compassion was a way of life. The day begins by feeding the crows as a symbolic gesture of feeding the ancestors. 306 more words


Scrub A Dub Remington's In The Tub

It’s that time of the week when Remington gets his weekly bath! He hates bath-time, but sweetly puts up with it. You may wonder why I give my dog weekly baths even if  he doesn’t look or smell dirty, but it is truly important in creating a balanced immune system. 442 more words

Pet Parents

See you at the cat café

There is a group of us at work who are cat lovers.  We go all soft over their cute faces, sweet wee paws and independent nature.   157 more words

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