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My Love for Spike – Snoopy’s Brother

In his depiction of the Peanuts characters, Charles Schulz shows a good understanding of both humans’ and dogs’ nature. This comic strip was first developed and published in late 1940s but till this day if we look around, we will find such personas as mentioned in it. 395 more words

Pet Parents

A man and his Dog

On my walk home today I met a man and his dog. He was doing the thing that responsible dog owners do and picking up his dog’s business while she nosed around in the sand and then rolled happily in some smell or another. 416 more words


You're Still My Favourite!

Hi folks,

Jack here! Before I pass the keyboard back to my Mom I would like to apologize for how lazy she has been with the blog this summer. 379 more words

Pet Parents

Lola for the Win

I had been struggling all week wondering what I would write for this week’s blog post. Since this is my third…forth? blog that I have started it is the only one that people are actually reading so the pressure is on to create weekly posts that continue to get views…right? 897 more words


Angels with Fur, Feather and Fins

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” ― James Herriot… 337 more words

Pet Parents

Allergy Sufferers Find Relief in Immunotherapy Toothpaste

Such a great idea – just brush away your allergies!

Millions of Americans suffer from pet allergies that prevent them from enjoying the benefits of owning a dog or a cat… 335 more words