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Training Your New Puppy

I am so excited, overwhelmed, overworked yet very happy!  This is the new edition to our family, an all black Shih Tzu named Prince Nino.  My Nino is smart, affectionate , very energetic and a quick learner and he is only 8 weeks old.   2,754 more words


Customised CapMagnets

By this time, on the night of 22nd February 2015, Bark N Bond‘s Pet Camp on the outskirts of Mumbai must have ended. And I do hope the pet parents, as Pranita calls them, are delighted with the little souvenirs that they are carrying home. 127 more words


Going to the Dogs

Am I the only one that feels like the status of the family pooch has gotten out of control? I held my tongue when I read a post about a photographer that dresses her toddler and dog alike and takes photos of them.   364 more words



We are along ways away from, National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, which lands in October, however pet obesity is a serious problem we face as pet parents. 311 more words


Want To Know The Best Things About Men Who Love Cats? Chime In!

I remember when I was 12 years old and how my love for animals started growing more. I wanted a cat. My Dad didn’t want cats in the house. 528 more words

Pet Owners

Life Hack: Kitty Litter Miracle

Wellington is a pretty fancy guy, and just like his mom, he’s very particular about things and he’s not easily impressed. He refuses to eat anything but the hella expensive, but no-so-healthy canned cat food (like, WTF?). 251 more words


The Importance Of Cleaning and Brushing Your Cat's Teeth

Dental disease is a common problem in our pets and can lead to a variety of health issues. It is estimated that 70% of cats over the age of 3 years suffer from some degree of periodontal disease. 633 more words