Dog people vs cat people

As you know, I enjoy writing about research that gives us new insights into  all things dog.

Earlier this year, I blogged about research into personality… 52 more words


A post about a fish

I have a new roommate. His name is Jesse.

I own a fish. This might be shocking to some of you. If it’s not, let me tell you why it should be: 546 more words

Paint the Windows/Pooch Parade in the Village

It’s almost time for the annual Paint the Windows event in the Village of Downtown Grosse Pointe. This year the Paint the Windows will also be accompanied by the Pooch Parade! 64 more words

Camp Bow Wow


We always had pets when my children where growing up, all rescue.  I heard “It followed me home from the bus”, really cats don’t do that.  502 more words


Introducing Nugget to the World!

Today, Daniel and I expanded our little 3 person family to include a new baby- Nugget! He’s an (almost) 3 year old Siberian Husky (AKC registered). 51 more words

Tobey Surgery & Update

Yesterday I took Tobey into the vet to have 7 tumors removed (all turned out non-cancerous) and to have his teeth properly cleaned and examined. The surgery for the tumors went well at first and all incisions were done without exterior stitches or staples. 451 more words