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Essential Oils and Cats

Similarly to dogs, cats can also experience negative reactions to essential oils.

This article written by Kia Benson, DVM and the Pet Poison Helpline suggest that essential oils are especially risky for our feline companions because they are absorbed into the body quickly via both the mouth and skin. 167 more words


Dogs and essential oils

A quick search lead me to an article written by Dr. Charlotte Flint, DVM and Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, DABT, DABVT. These two veterinarians are associated with a… 162 more words


Common Pet Toxins to Look Out For!

I was just reading my copy of Pet Sitter’s World, when I came across some information on pet toxins that I wanted to share. I know that most people are aware of the common household items that can be toxic for your pet. 140 more words

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