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Weekend fun with the furry babies... β™₯️

This weekend has been one gratefully got to after a busy week, and one I’ve enjoyed so much, spending time with family, friends and of course the furry family we’re blessed to have in our lives too. 323 more words



The five foster girls have been here for three weeks now and are completely mad and very cute. I had a photo session last week with them all in my new fancypants photo lightbox (which took a couple of months for me to figure out how to open it, but I got there in the end!). 139 more words

Pet Rats

#RattieSitting: Sybil and Yoshi are best friends

This friendship forged already long before the #RattieSitting:

Apparently these two met at work!

Yes, some are lucky enough to take their pets to work, even when the pet turns out to be a rat. 241 more words


Happy Halloween from our little corner of the world ✨πŸ”₯πŸŽƒπŸŒ“

A very happy Halloween & Samhain from our little corner of the world, where the nights are moonlit, mornings glistening with first frost (the birds hovering by the doorway at dawn in anticipation of their feeding time) and – clocks turned back and the new time zone settling – winter setting in. 110 more words


#RattieSitting: In the end they always become friends

The dynamics of rat clans are very sophisticated and quite impressive. Impressive because if even little rodent animals like rats can learn to live together in unity, why can’t we. 538 more words


Rat logic

The five girls love this type of hammock. Usually they’ll all be in the lowest level, but this morning this sight greeted me:

One in the large lowest section and four crammed into the smaller middle section. 105 more words

Pet Rats