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OCD and Chemical Imbalance

While the cause of obsessive-compulsive disorder is not actually known, many professionals and lay people often attribute the disorder to a chemical imbalance. SSRIs, which are medications that affect… 456 more words

Mental Health

Hallmarks of Cancer

Adenocarcinoma under the microscope. Cells with a multiplicity of mutations leading to uncontrolled growth.

Cancer is the Result of Cellular Genetic Mutation

Every cell in our body (except red blood cells   forget them) is controlled by its own complicated blueprint in the form of DNA which forms genes, genes in chromosomes, 48 chromosomes to the cell. 2,122 more words

PET Scans, CAT Scans, No Dog Scans

PET Scans are amazing. Not only do they provide information to physicians about the extent of malignancy, in preparation for various treatments, they also provide insight into biology and physics! 1,672 more words

Alberta’s PET/CT scan delay extended up to 10 more days

Alberta patients waiting for PET/CT scans may have to wait even longer than expected due to a mechanical issue with a machine that produces material required to perform the scans. 196 more words


A Less Than Modest Proposal

In an effort to generate a little positive energy and test the boundaries of my considerable hubris, I would like to declare September 2nd“Eat Carbs for Erik” day. 264 more words

A Blessing in Disguise: My Postponed Petscan and Our Difficult Summer

If you’re doing the math and paying scrupulous attention to my scanning schedule, then you’ve probably noticed that I am a few months behind on my biannual scanathon (scansation, scancapade?).  1,118 more words

The Favor of God

The favor of God was clearly with Joseph.

One of his brothers took pity, and sold him as a slave instead of allowing him to be killed. 482 more words