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Brain Myth - 100% Psycho Fact

We use only 10 percent of our brains . . . not

This has been repeated in pop culture for a century, implying that we have huge reserves of untapped mental powers. 389 more words


Days 15 to 19 - Super Powers and the Tall Man Who Queue Jumped

Cycle 2 Day 15

This should be a good day, I’ve had some these last few days, but today I don’t feel that great. I’ve had a low-level cough since before the treatment started and don’t seem to be able to shift it. 2,351 more words

Cycle 2 Days 10 to 14 - The Art of Temperature Reduction 

Cycle 2 Day 10 (Wednesday)

We had a panic today. Well this evening to be precise. Everything was going fine, I managed to stay awake for a whole day, which given the last 9 days was quite reassuring.  2,039 more words

Monsters and Death and All That Happy Stuff #wwwblogs

Moses is down for the count with this viral cold/flu nonsense that’s been going around. So, when you’re sick and all you can do is nap and lie around, you get to choose a movie around here. 331 more words

New Normal

10/30 Update-It's a BIG week! 

Let me start with a huge THANK YOU to every person that had a part in Sophie’s 5K on Saturday! Whether you volunteered, participated, donated to the run, bought cards for the fundraiser, etc. 735 more words


Vitamin C kills tumor cells with hard-to-treat mutation

PET scans reveal glucose-hungry tumors (here lung masses) that may be susceptible to vitamin C therapy.

Maybe Linus Pauling was on to something after all. Decades ago the Nobel Prize–winning chemist was relegated to the fringes of medicine after championing the idea that vitamin C could combat a host of illnesses, including cancer. 705 more words


What's Next?

Well here I am, a recent college graduate, 6 months out of treatment, single, and trying to figure out what to do next. I’m leaving Washington and moving back to my hometown but oddly content with where my life is. 288 more words

Young Adult Cancer