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15-05 Story 2: The Future of the Mind


Synopsis: It’s amazing that in the 21st century, science knows so much about all of the organs of the body save one: the brain. We talk to a scientist and author about the unbelievable abilities of the brain, how memories help us predict the future, where dreams are located, how brain injury can sometimes make someone a genius, and how research into brain function is opening up new areas of understanding the mind and its possibilities. 2,034 more words

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OligoMetastatic Prostate Cancer - Lecture by Eugene Kwon M.D.

Eugene Kwon M.D.  at the PCRI 2014 Annual Meeting.

Topic : OligoMetastatic Prostate Cancer Disease.

Dr. Kwon brings examples of Choline 11 PET scans as a tool to find location of metastatic lesions.   40 more words

Treatments For Prostate Cancer

Imaging Willpower: Using Brain Scans to Explore Obesity

For some people, the smell of Mom’s home-baked pie, the sight of an ice cream truck, or the sound of sizzling French fries can trigger a feeding frenzy. 483 more words


My Return to Scan-Land

This used to be a blog about health and well-being, right?  It is again, for at least the next few posts.  Two weeks ago, the calendar in my head clicked off a reminder about my impending biannual PET scan, and I got the scheduling process underway.  368 more words

How is cancer diagnosed and staged?

Early detection of cancer can greatly improve the odds of successful treatment and survival. Physicians use information from symptoms and several other procedures to diagnose cancer. 298 more words


How does imaging help detect Dementia?

By utilizing modern clinical imaging, researchers are sometimes able to better understand what is happening and changing in the brains of those diagnosed with Dementia. Clinical imaging is like their window to the world inside the human skull. 286 more words

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