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What To Do With Your Pet When You Travel

During last night’s thunderstorm, my almost 4 year old dog – who happens to have the courage of a 4 month old puppy – kept waking up in alarmĀ  776 more words


First Day of School!

Today is Sophie’s first day of obedience class! Last week, I mentioned the Orientation I had attended. We have been (sorta) working on her homework, including games to teach her eye contact, sit, come and have been slowly getting her adjusted to a Gentle Leader – which was recommended for the class. 74 more words

Pampering my pet


Do you have a Cyber pet? Well they want to surface the web let’s give them a hand.

A pet supplies store at your fingers tips. 138 more words


Bird School Class #4: How to Train a Parrot : Consistency in Training Parrots

Alot of bird lovers gets beat up while training their Parrots. well here Elizabeth from Expert Village speaks about the Importance of being consistent in training your wing friend. check out the video.

Animal Care

Bird School Class #2: How to Give Treats to Trained Parrots

Today in Bird School Class #2, Elizabeth Cantu is going to teach us the proper way to give treats to trained parrots, with a praise word to cross the treat, word with the Bird’s good behavior. 24 more words


Pet School Class #14: How to brush your Dog's Teeth :D

Classes are officially back in session :D

Today in our Pet School class # 14 we are going to learn the proper way to Brush, Clean and Check your doggy’s teeth. 27 more words