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Did I Say That Out Loud?!

Over my ten years as a home and pet sitter, mostly spent on my own, I have noticed that I tend to talk to myself more often. 129 more words


Adventures in Pet Sitting

As one might imagine, pet sitting can be an interesting venture. With the blend of personalities of dogs and our gentle giant thrown into the mix, it can be crazy! 224 more words


Not a Blog Post Post

So I have recently started volunteering at Take Me Home Pet Rescue, a local rescue group here in Richardson. This is Linden and her entirely too adorable puppies. 229 more words

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That Smells Uhhhmazing

Meet Anna. She is one of my clients and I absolutely love her guts. She is a dream to walk and doesn’t mind all the one-way conversations we have on our walks. 702 more words

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Pet sitting in Houston - A friendly support for your pets

Pets are so cute and adorable that the pet owners treat them nothing less than their family. In the city of Houston, there are several individuals who have pets in their houses and love to take good care of them. 311 more words


The Dog Ate My...

The dog ate my homework…and shoes…and couch…and chair legs…

Sound like you?

If you are like most pet owners, it is impossible to devote time each day to exercising your dog. 311 more words

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Mew York Kitties In The City

Time spent with cats is never wasted….

Pictured Above: Professor Puff.

Welcome to Mew York City Kitty!

My Name is Colleen, and I’m a Professional Photographer by night and CatSitter by Day.

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