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Choosing Your Pet Sitters

I have two Siamese cats named Gabriel and Isis. They are precious. Also, please allow me to be clear that Isis is the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility, I gave her this name years ago, long before the scary terrorist group came into being. 1,437 more words



This is one of my least favorite things that I hear from potential new clients – and NO not for the reason you think!

Yes, the kids next door may be responsible. 510 more words


Dog Walking Lessons

Stella is a five-year-old Greyhound rescue, and one of the cutest women I know. She is what I refer to as a “side walking smasher.” A smasher is a dog who while walking becomes fascinated enough with their surroundings, that they risk minor injury. 146 more words


Exercises To Help You Bond With Your Pooch!!

There is one challenge the we, as humans share with our fur babies. It’s obesity. Up to 50% of dogs in the U.S. weigh too much. 783 more words


Want to Keep Your Pets Safe & Show Them Love On V-Day? Follow These 7 Steps

Nothing’s better on Valentine’s Day than getting flowers, truffles and those little heart-shaped candies with the cute sayings printed on them. But for pets, all that romance can be dangerous. 541 more words


Understanding Periodental Disease in Dogs

Continuing To Honor Pet Dental Month - Don’t Forget To Watch the Short Video Below By Vet Vid , on “How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth” 909 more words


HouseHold Medications That Are Acceptable To Use For Domestic Pets

Have you found yourself at home in the middle of the night with a sick pet. Going to an Emergency Vet Clinic Hospital can be quite expensive. 72 more words