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Against The Grain Dog Food Recalled For Possible Euthanasia Drug Contamination

Bad news, puppies: More canned dog food has been found to have the sedative and euthanasia drug pentobarbital in it. Another small pet food brand, Against the Grain, has recalled one of its products because it may contain beef contaminated with the drug. 244 more words

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Animal law roundup

At a time when most Americans view companion animals as family members, authorities are cracking down on people engaged in any unscrupulous activities that are harmful to dogs and cats. 362 more words

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Controlling Fleas And Ticks On Your Pet

To keep your pets healthy, it is imperative that they remain free from fleas and ticks. These year-round pests carry bacteria and viruses which may cause skin allergies and other health problems in pets. 468 more words

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Feeding your hedgehog

Your pet means the world to you, and you want to make sure you offer her everything she needs. This not only means giving her your time and sharing your living space, but also taking the time to give her the right foods for her body to stay strong. 97 more words

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Cage Cleaning Tips: Beige Guinea Pigs

If you want to purchase or adopt a guinea pig such as a beige colored cavy then you should talk with your vet or pet store associate first to learn about basic care and health. 121 more words

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January 5th National Bird Day

If there is one creature on earth that represents freedom it has to be the bird. National bird day is a day to reflect on caging of birds and selling them in pet stores. 297 more words

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Adopt! Don't Shop!

I am honestly not a blogger. I feel like I get too self-conscious when it comes to expressing my thoughts, and too aware of the lack of quality in my writing, but not aware enough to rephrase it in a more poetic manner. 651 more words