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Shop And Adopt... California Gets It Right... New Law For Pet Stores

Animal advocates everywhere stress the phrase, “Adopt. Don’t shop.” But while animal shelters from sea to shining sea remain overcrowded, pet stores will not heed their cry of desperation. 402 more words


California to Tighten Pet Store Regulations

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed Assembly Bill (AB) 485, legislation which will improve conditions for puppies, kittens and rabbits sold in pet shops inside the state. 272 more words

Air Fresheners Can Be Harmful To Pet Dogs

The olfactory sense of dogs can be very sensitive that’s why they are more sensitive to strong-smelling substances in their immediate environment. Even if you think that your air freshener’s scent is relatively mild, your pooch may perceive it differently. 119 more words

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Things to Ask Before you Purchase that Dalmatian Ferret

Shopping for a Dalmatian ferret can be pretty exciting especially if it’s your first pet or your first pet ferret. But it’s important not to let your excitement and eagerness to bring home a pet to overshadow your good judgment. 120 more words

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Does Weather Affect My Horse?

Weather definitely can affect your horse. If a storm is near, your horse can most likely sense it and may begin to act anxious or nervous especially if it’s a large thunderstorm. 127 more words

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Snake on the Trails

Do you enjoy walking your dog on the trails? If so, have you ever come upon a snake or other unwanted creature? If you walk your dog on a leash and you see a snake, do your best to steer your dog around it and continue walking. 103 more words

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Which pet supplies can you save money on?

Your pet needs you to find the best pet supply options for her, and you do your best to do so. However, there are many supply items that can get very expensive. 131 more words

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