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Finding the Right Dog Supplies at an Online Pet Store

We all wish to get the best things for our darling fur balls. Shopping at an online pet store is undoubtedly the best way to do so. 346 more words

Pet Stores

Breeding Mills: What Your Local Pet Store Is Hiding

Everyday, there are dozens of eager customers walking into the pet store to bring home a furry little friend to love for life. Little do they know that life for these animals before they entered the pet store was a hellish nightmare, and buying from these stores only contribute to the sickening ill-treatment of other animals from the store’s supplier: The breeding mill. 1,446 more words


Give your Fur Ball a Happy Splash of Pampurring

If you have a pet, I’m sure you have thought of buying pet supplies online? Or maybe you must’ve already ordered for ample little things for your furry angel. 310 more words

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Chicken coop basics

If you plan on bringing chickens into your life, you will need to make sure you are able to create a comfortable coop for them to use. 128 more words

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Surrey bans retail sale of cats, dogs and rabbits

Surrey city council approved a ban on the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits in retail pet stores Monday evening.

The decision amends the city’s business license bylaw to forbid privately-owned pet stores from displaying or selling the animals, which are now only allowed to be sold by city-approved animal shelters such as the BC SPCA. 266 more words


Types of Dog and Cat Products

Buying products for our furry friends is something we all love to do. It’s fun to get some amazingly cute and adorable little things for our pets. 499 more words

Pet Stores

Potty Training a Bird

You probably imagine spending plenty of time with your feathered friend outside the cage, but you may completely forget about the fact that he might have to go potty! 128 more words

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