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'Reptile Man' to the Rescue

People might assume the bluestone castle-like building is a museum or some hipster café. Instead, imagine a castle full of snakes and lizards, and you have a store called Totally Reptile. 723 more words


What to buy

So what is really necessary to buy for your brand new kitten? In all reality, the basics and a couple of cat toys is all you need. 453 more words


What you should know before you test your dog's DNA

A few weeks ago, a New York City co-op made headlines when it informed pet-owning residents that they had to produce documentation proving the breeds of their dogs. 1,150 more words


Why ADOPT instead of buying a pet?

Bringing a pet into your home should never be a ‘spur of the moment’ decision. But, if after careful consideration, you decide that your family is ready to experience the joy that only a pet can bring, where should you get one from? 881 more words

Pet Depot: Cleburne Texas

According to those, browsing a pet shop called the Pet Depot in Cleburne, Texas. They found the pet shop in a deplorable condition. Just last night we received a petition that this shop see closure. 234 more words

Animal Welfare

Buying or Adopting: Let’s get comparing

So you have decided that you’re going to add a furry ball of sunshine to your life. However you are hit with the long-lived debate of whether to adopt or buy.  473 more words


Hilo Pet Shop Cockatiels

Hilo Pet Shop Cockatiels

Tame hand-raised birds: Cockatiels are available as of May 2015

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