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Here is what you should know if your pet is suffering from indigestion

Just like we humans, pets can also suffer from various acute digestive disorders. To  prevent any mishap, you need to act quickly. Let us have a look at the causes, symptoms and treatments available for digestive disturbances in pets. 318 more words

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Benefits and Side Effects of Duralactin Canine

Duralactin is beneficial for the pets suffering from inflammation. It is a type of supplement which is particularly needed for dogs affected by arthritis. It prevents the damage of tissues in the pet’s body. 311 more words

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Rabies in Cattles: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Rabies is an infectious viral disease found in more than 150 countries and territories. It can be prevented by vaccines. It spreads through the saliva of an animal which is rabies-positive. 276 more words

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Things Every Dog Owner Should Know About Baytrils

As long as you own a dog , you will hear the name of Baytrills, a fluroquinolone antibiotic used to fight against the infections of the skin, urinary tract, prostate, liver, GI tract, and lungs. 285 more words

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Pooch Perfect in Pink

Libby showcases how to effortlessly wear trending fur collars. Precious Princess!

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This Cat Feeder is the Thing You Should Bring Home if You are Travelling

Every time you plan for a trip with your human companion, you look at the calendar and think what is going to happen to your feline companion. 380 more words

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