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Cuddle Buddy Pets

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Any item you could want for your pet — be it food, toys, dog houses or grooming kits — you will find it here, and much cheaper than at most small stores. 14 more words

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You guys – is anyone out there or am I talking to myself at this point? 990 more words

Things You Should Know About Waterless Shampoo

Keeping your dog hair clean and tidy is as important as cleaning human hair. Failing to maintain cleanliness of dog’s hair can make your dog’s hair dirty and contract lice. 294 more words

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Feline Leukemia and its Treatments

Feline Leukemia is a disease particular to the cats, caused by Feline leukemia virus (FeLV). The disease damages the immune system of the cats and causes multiple types of cancer. 278 more words

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How Capstar Helps in Flea Treatment

Capstar Fleat Treatment tablets are given to cats and dogs for killing fleas. This powerful oral flea treatment starts working within 30 minutes of administration. More than 90% of adult fleas die within 4 hours of administration on dogs and 6 hours of administration on cats. 259 more words

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Here is What You Should do to Clean Your Dog's Ears

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your dearest furry friend in the best possible ways. And nobody can deny the fact that taking care of a pet is way more taxing than taking care of a human baby, because as a human baby grows, it starts communicating about its problems in human language what a pup or kitty fails to do. 253 more words

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How to Keep Fresh Water Aquarium Clean and Clear

If you are thinking to get a pet and not yet decided what pet it should be, you can bring home some colorful fishes. They are less demanding  is limited and only regular maintenance is needed to see them healthy. 276 more words

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