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Plush Puppy: Gilly's New Harness!

Hey everyone! If you’re anywhere in and around the Northeastern United States, you are probably spending your Mischief Monday causing mischief at the grocery store, crawling over other shoppers as you fight to stockpile goods for the upcoming blizzard.* 1,296 more words


Friday Finds!

So, as I have mentioned, puppy is going to the groomers this Saturday and I know he will lose all of his wonderful, warm, fur.  The thought is that after it starts to get long, without daily brushing, the fur gets matted.   147 more words

Keep Calm and Eat Treats Pet Sweater

I must say that I have tons of fun making stuff for my pets. My latest addiction is crocheting pet sweaters! I think for my next task once I get better at knitting is to knit one as well. 198 more words


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


I hope you all have enjoyed the Holidays as much as I have! The New Year is just about here too.  We will be welcoming in 2014.   253 more words

The Winter of Craft

This winter I really let my inner-knitter out.  (Like I let her out and let her run around the front yard waving knitting needles).  It all started with a really funny ‘cute’ pet knit project book.  180 more words

Pet Sweaters

sweaters for my kitties!  Yoshi didn’t wanna look :(

think I could sell them for around $10?  I might add a mohawk along the back haha… 70 more words

Snuggie for Dogs - FAIL!

Snuggie is already a pretty ridiculous idea, but when you subject your dogs to wearing a Dog Snuggie? Well, now that’s just going overboard. They are dogs, not toys! 127 more words