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I'm Traumatised

A few years ago in my last year of school something happened which has traumatised me ever since. I had a cat. A very beautiful, playful, extremely energetic kitty cat. 432 more words


Finished portrait in pastel pencils on 12″ x 12″ pastel paper.  First time I’ve done white fur so lots of pastel colours used to define the dark areas.  29 more words



New work in progress, pastel pencils on 16″ x 12″ pastelmat.  I haven’t done any fur in a while, having focussed on more textural pieces recently, so this is a welcome change and I’m really enjoying it so far. 62 more words


Fact 12: Elephants can keep cool thanks to the folds of their skin.

As we all know, African savanna elephants live in a hot and dry environment. To survive, their body has adapted to those conditions.

  • Their large ears can be used as fans and they can also help to cool down the elephant’s blood!
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I had wanted to keep a pet at home for a while. I bought 2 hatchlings from a fish shop 2 years ago but unfortunately they didn’t survive. 244 more words


A Dog is for Life | Adopting a Rescue

I have always been a huge lover of dogs, and grew up with a black Labrador. She was quite crazy and a little naughty – being so young and inexperienced, I realise now she probably didn’t get the training that she needed. 1,389 more words