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I know I wrote on technology and relationships recently but I’ve noticed something else over the past month or so.

Not only do we as people feel like we have to compete for attention with our loved ones and they’re phones… 273 more words

Baby - My Green Cheek Conure

via Daily Prompt: Baby

Baby is a green cheek conure that I have had now for about six months. As one with a TBI it is difficult for me to bend over and stand up much (dizziness)so the decision to get a bird for a companion rather than a dog was one of health issues. 253 more words


I cannot describe how happy you make me everyday. I am so happy that i decide to bring you home into our happy little family. With you the family seems more complete and you have brought so much joy to us little one. 19 more words


Two litters, all 3 days old

Sia’s babies (damn her and her huge nest, I keep thinking her babies are gone!!)

Sia’s bubs had recently been fed – lovely milk bands on display! 9 more words


Lèche-Vitrines (Window Shopping)

Lèche-Vitrines (Window Shopping),  Acrylics, 11″ x 14″

In French, “lèche-vitrines” (window shopping) can be translated literally by window licking.. which I think is pretty appropriate in this case (hence the French title!). 120 more words