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When we first moved into this house we quickly discovered we adopted a mouse along with the mortgage. Every once in a while a brown flash would dart from beneath one cabinet to beneath the oven. 488 more words


5,000+ Scots need to be told the reality about PeTA

It’s some years since I was put straight on the shocking truth hidden behind PeTA’s (People for the ethical Treatment of  Animals) apparently admirable front. 283 more words


Eating Animals: An Excerpt

“WHAT IS ADDED BY HAVING a turkey on the Thanksgiving table? Maybe it tastes good, but taste isn’t the reason it’s there — most people don’t eat very much turkey throughout the year. 552 more words


Flight of the Guinea Pig

It seems like just about everybody I know, has had a pet at one point or another in their life. Some had dogs, others had cats, still others had fish, or in the case of my youngest brother Landon, you had all of them. 728 more words


Dear PETA, what you don't know.

Dear PETA,

This is a letter from the 99. The 99% of farmers that you don’t share about. The 99% of farmers that are feeding America and doing an amazing job. 478 more words

The Racism of Environmentalism

Since today commemorates the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, I thought I would comment about environmentalism being another form of racism. For example, it has been reported… 569 more words