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WtW 1.6: Chai Meets Chibi

Note:  After the last update which completed the Teen Runaway Challenge, this update simply provides a transition to the Rags to Riches: Vet Challenge.

Wags to Witches… 810 more words

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WtW 1.5: In the Doghouse

Week 2/Saturday

We leave Desert Bloom Park after my pet receives his Celebrate birthday notice around 8 am.
Arriving at Pupperstone Park, we have a hearty breakfast and prepare for training. 706 more words

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WtW 1.4: The Elusive Frog

Week 2/Wednesday 

Our little garden has been a boon of sorts!
While waiting for it to grow, we’ve gone for walks both before and after school. 521 more words

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WtW 1.3. More Funds = Less Fun

 Week 2/Sunday 

How quickly time flies! Today is the start of our second week in Brindleton Bay!
I cannot delay the inevitable any longer! It’s time for my weekly medical checkup. 711 more words

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WtW 1.2: A Weekend of Woodworking

Wags to Witches

Week 1/Wednesday

Chai: By the time we’re both rested, it’s 11:30 pm when we arrive at Skye Fitness.

My pet’s finally figured it out! 553 more words

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WtW 1.1: A Filthy Prowler

From this point, we segue to the Teen Runaway Challenge: Pets, created by Playalot.
To read the challenge rules, click here

1.1: A Filthy Prowler… 808 more words

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WtW: How I Adopted My Pet

Wags to Witches 0.2

Hello there! My name is Chai!
No, not Chai Jr. from the prologue. I am THE Chai, his father.

I am a magical puppy who’s in charge of Countryside Windenberg. 762 more words

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