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The King Ordered It: The Beginning of the End of 'Mad Men' ('Time & Life')

A woman is served a drink on an airplane. The magical concoction in her hand transforms the aircraft into a flying, hallucinatory soiree with live music and dogs so pretty that even the prettiest boys look awkward and miscast. 1,947 more words


Peggy Olson - Queen of the Sofa Confession on Mad Men

Couches are a vital part of the office furniture on Mad Men; just think of how many times we have seen Don Draper reclining on one. 1,172 more words

Mad Men

Mad Men Monday Recap: "Time & Life"

By: Daniel Reynolds

Welcome to the final stretch of the Mad Men Monday Recap. A show as deep as this one needs some diverse commentary so jump in and enjoy our irreverent breakdown of each episode.  2,469 more words


Beth: What’s wrong with your friend?
Pete: He got involved with another man’s wife.
Beth: And that put him in the hospital?
Pete: From the… complications.

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It's Still Not Too Late For Pete Campbell To Get Eaten By A Bear

The final seven episodes of Mad Men are humming along, doing Mad Men-y things as we zero in on our end date. Don is making googly eyes at his daughter’s friends and humping ghost waitresses in dirty New York alleys, Stan has a beard and is humping 60-year-old sexual carnivore photographers, Joan is handling accounts on both coasts and humping grumpy retired millionaires, Roger… 829 more words


Mad Men S07E09 - New Business

Mad Men returned last week with the first of its seven final episodes, and it felt like it never left as “Severance” put forward some solid plot lines that I was looking forward to. 2,455 more words

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April 13, 2015 at 10:59PM

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