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Poetry and Madness: Blake, Eigen and the Psychotic God, by Peter Anderson

Ecstasy and Psychosis: Who We Really Are

In many ways, I believe thatĀ Michael EigenĀ is attempting to restore to psychology a dimension suppressed by the scientistic ambitions of the academicized discipline, where the drastic attempt to reduce language to a vehicle for hard data makes of language itself nothing but an empty shell, good only to serve as a frame for the apparent objectivity of statistics. 1,704 more words

William Blake

Baby Beatrice - A Study in Kingdom Living

Today at church I was given a gift. It was not expensive, yet it was priceless. This gift was not available in stores and could not be ordered online. 621 more words


Lost in Music is a tribute to the obsessives, the hedonists, the musical eccentrics and the dancers who were the founding members of the dance music institution and those who continue to fuel its evolution. 154 more words


"The Vatican Tapes" (2015)

Grade (4/10)

Another throw away exorcism film that shows little to no ambition in creating something we haven’t already seen.


When a young woman is possessed by a demonic force two exorcists from the Vatican will go to battle with evil to try and save her life. 580 more words