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Peter Beinart construye una señal luminosa que proyecta su enorme virtud progresista al espacio ultraterrestre

El conocido crítico progresista de Israel y colaborador del Forward y del Haaretz, Peter Beinart, está terriblemente orgulloso de su humildad. Sin embargo, incluso una persona tan discreta como Peter a la hora de referirse a sus virtudes progresistas, a veces tiene que dejar que el resto de nosotros sepamos cuán increíblemente Inteligente soy. 403 more words


Man trapped in Tel Aviv elevator with nothing to read but Haaretz

By Aaron Pomerantz and Yuval Weiss

Last Updated 4/4/2018 at 3:00 PM

Tel Aviv, Rothschild: Police are racing against time in an attempt to rescue a man trapped in a Central Tel Aviv elevator with nothing to read but today’s edition of Haaretz. 290 more words

Tel Aviv

Resisting Trump's Enablers: Racists, Xenophobes, Nativists

03.18.2018 ________________________________________ 

Twice, a friend of mine has asked me to write about why I write. “What impels you,” he asks, “in the face of all the hateful responses you get, to write challenging columns that often seem ‘foreign,’  that often make us uncomfortable?” 857 more words

Peter Beinart builds giant Virtue Signal that can reach Outer Space

By Yuval Weiss

Last Updated 12/31/2017 at 5:00 PM

New York City: Noted progressive critic of Israel and Haaretz contributor Peter Beinart is awfully proud of his humility. 373 more words

Yuval Weiss

Our So-Called Foreign Policy: The North Korea Credibility Gap at The Atlantic

The Atlantic has long been one of America’s most important magazines, so we all have a stake in doing what we can to keep its quality as high as possible. 574 more words