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Adaptation done Right: Jaws

For many people, the 1975 film Jaws from Steven Spielberg stands as one of the best “blockbusters” ever made. With such a large cultural influence, it is sometimes easy to forget that, one year before the shark took to the screen, … 1,073 more words



Plot: When a young woman washes up on the shore of Amity Island, the authorities soon discover that she was killed by a great white shark. 281 more words


Of Rogues and Rational Men: Looking Back on 1975's Jaws (Spoilers Ahead)

Among the many takeaways from director Steven Spielberg 1975 feature film, Jaws, is that sometimes, and I’ve not ungroundedly been waiting to say this for so very long, sometimes the (arguably more deceptively) simpler films are among the best. 1,159 more words

Book Review: The Girl of the Sea of Cortez

The Girl of the Sea of Cortez. Benchley, Peter. New York, Berkley Books, 1983. 229 pages.

Review by Paul George

Peter Benchley will go down in history as the author of… 646 more words


Day 13, No. 13. The original Quint

HAIRCUT 100: Day 13, No. 13. The original Quint: A Captain Ahab for the Watergate generation…

‘Brody guessed Quint was about fifty, and though surely he had once been twenty and would one day be sixty, it was impossible to imagine what he would look like at either of those ages. 151 more words

Haircut 100

BLOG: The Jawsome World of Sharks!

This July, the National Marine Aquarium is hosting an exciting new educational exhibit about the world of Sharks and Rays! This new exhibit is a redevelopment on an area in the Aquarium and will wrap around their massive Atlantic Ocean Tank (the deepest in the whole of the UK), and will be a huge exploration of the amazing animals sharks and rays. 189 more words


Jersey Jaws

The Fourth of July is my most preferred time to rewatch my favorite movie Jaws. It is the height of summer when swimming and flocking to large bodies of water is the American way of celebrating America’s birthday; not to mention, the turning point of the film centers around attacks that occur on the Fourth of July. 1,046 more words