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Joe's Random Movie Trivia: "Jaws"

In Peter Benchley’s original novel, and in director John Hancock’s original first draft script of “Jaws 2”, it is explained that the reason why the town council of Amity Island wanted the beaches open even after all the shark attacks was because they owed money to the mob.


Backlist Burndown: Jaws by Peter Benchley

As book bloggers, sometimes we get so caught up reading review titles and new releases that we end up missing out on a lot previously published books. 995 more words

3.5 Stars

Nimona, Jaws, and Mental Vomit

This one time, back when I was a kid, I ate a metric shit ton of Oreos, followed by some sauteed asparagus. I threw up. 817 more words

The Present Never Looks as Good...

Friends at Padre Steve’s World

I tend to become somewhat reflective as the New Year approaches. I am reminded of Peter Benchley, who wrote, “The past always seems better when you look back on it than it did at the time. 653 more words


The Truth Behind "Jaws"

Peter Benchley’s “Jaws” quickly became a literary sensation, followed by a collaborative franchise with Steven Spielberg that resulted in one of the most successful screenplays in history. 135 more words

Animal Tales

Hail to the King

“The golden age of science fiction,” the fan editor Peter Graham once wrote, “is twelve.” And it seems fair to say that the golden age of horror fiction comes shortly thereafter. 1,009 more words