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Jaws (1975)

This film has been a favourite since I first saw it in my early teens. I love the characters, the story and the locations. John Williams chilling score greatly adds to the film. 1,277 more words

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The Deep, Peter Benchley, 1976

Sanders Couple has an Activity Holiday

The Deep is the second book by Peter Benchley (1940-2006) after the blockbuster and pop culture touchstone Jaws. I have never read -or seen- Jaws so I cannot judge if he sunk into a sophomore slump or not, but The Deep has a feel that appears both easy-going and forced at once. 298 more words


How Could They Tell?

This article appeared in Ceylon Today on Thursday March 16 2017

How Could They Tell?

Last week I wrote about speculation surrounding the death of the 29th president of the United States, Warren Gamaliel Harding. 1,372 more words

Ceylon Today


“Portrait.” The Wilson Quarterly (1976 – ), vol. 30, No. 2 (Spring 2006), p. 120.

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Adaptation done Right: Jaws

For many people, the 1975 film Jaws from Steven Spielberg stands as one of the best “blockbusters” ever made. With such a large cultural influence, it is sometimes easy to forget that, one year before the shark took to the screen, … 1,073 more words



Plot: When a young woman washes up on the shore of Amity Island, the authorities soon discover that she was killed by a great white shark. 281 more words


Of Rogues and Rational Men: Looking Back on 1975's Jaws (Spoilers Ahead)

Among the many takeaways from director Steven Spielberg 1975 feature film, Jaws, is that sometimes, and I’ve not ungroundedly been waiting to say this for so very long, sometimes the (arguably more deceptively) simpler films are among the best. 1,159 more words