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Jaws: The Morgue Scene

I continue my fascination with the perplexing medical examiner’s office scene from Jaws, with a look at a pair of early screenplay drafts; was it or was it not edited? 23 more words

Top 3 Least Favorite Jaws Moments

Wait, what? My LEAST favorite moments from my favorite movie? Blasphemy! But yet, here they are: three scenes that I wished had been handled differently…or left out entirely. 27 more words

Throwback Thursday: Peter Benchley's "The Deep" and "The Island"

I mentioned these late-1970’s seafaring novels last week — they could be considered the “other” Peter Benchley classics.  Neither “The Deep” nor “The Island” had nearly the broad-based cultural impact of “Jaws,” of course.   357 more words

Film Ramblings: JAWS(1975) The Greatest Drinking Blockbuster of All Time (Part2)

The first part of this bucket of chopped up bait fish is here

Alcohol has given me a few nights when my memory is about as clear as a windshield covered with the splattered remains of a plague of locust. 1,445 more words


The Book Wasn't Better!

How often have you heard “The book was better”?  It’s normally the truth.  After all, a book can be as detailed or complex as the author wants, but a movie or TV show is bound by the limits of time — unless, of course, you’re talking about the… 437 more words


May 8: Happy Birthday Vicky McClure and Stephen Amell

As there were no really big names in entertainment born today, it seemed a good time to showcase another pair of relatively new faces in the headliner. 1,136 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

Jaws (1975)

This film has been a favourite since I first saw it in my early teens. I love the characters, the story and the locations. John Williams chilling score greatly adds to the film. 1,277 more words

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