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Peter Blair: Dying in the Hospital, My Mother Speaks on My Birthday

The only time
I had a police escort
was your birth. The pains
hit 3 minutes apart.
I called Dad home. Why
didn’t I take a cab? 123 more words


Peter Blair: Off the Road

One February dawn, a laundry bag over my shoulder,
weighed down with clothes, tablets, the Bhagavad-Gita,
On the Road, I hitch-hike the Edgewood ramp… 628 more words


Peter Blair: Between Me and the Light

Through the transverse slats of a blind,
a window screen’s fine-woven steel net
is lit by a star, no, only a tiny hole
in the mesh against the pale rose of dawn. 173 more words


Peter Blair: Portrait in Plate Glass

Dim in each angle,
not much of me stares back.

A lot of light gets through
into the store’s dark interior.

What did Virgil call it: 100 more words


Bed-sharing with Young Infants: Is It Safe After All?

Does bed-sharing with infants increase their risk of SIDS, even without known risk factors such as alcohol use, smoking, and co-sleeping on a couch or chair? 2,267 more words


School Assignment helps Autistic Boy Break Silence

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Johnny Blair is a 6th grader at Foothill Oaks Elementary School; and until recently, not many people had ever heard his voice. 343 more words


Day 293 October 20

“Until the TV booms in the empty coal car, a shower of sparks and glass, and we hoot and high-five, speeding off in the car like crack high school commandos, we aren’t sure whose side time is on, playing tackle in the mud, buttoning our nights with Space Invaders at the Luna, considering marriage.”~~from the poem “The Night We Pitch It” in the anthology Last Heat by Peter Blair

5th Line