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Peter Blair: Dying in the Hospital, My Mother Speaks on My Birthday

The only time
I had a police escort
was your birth. The pains
hit 3 minutes apart.
I called Dad home. Why
didn’t I take a cab? 123 more words


Peter Blair: Off the Road

One February dawn, a laundry bag over my shoulder,
weighed down with clothes, tablets, the Bhagavad-Gita,
On the Road, I hitch-hike the Edgewood ramp… 628 more words

Social Justice

Peter Blair: Between Me and the Light

Through the transverse slats of a blind,
a window screen’s fine-woven steel net
is lit by a star, no, only a tiny hole
in the mesh against the pale rose of dawn. 173 more words


Peter Blair: Portrait in Plate Glass

Dim in each angle,
not much of me stares back.

A lot of light gets through
into the store’s dark interior.

What did Virgil call it: 100 more words


Bed-sharing with Young Infants: Is It Safe After All?

Does bed-sharing with infants increase their risk of SIDS, even without known risk factors such as alcohol use, smoking, and co-sleeping on a couch or chair? 2,267 more words