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For some reason we’ve started looking back at The X-Files. Partly this was a result of the revival of the series, which yielded two interesting episodes and a lot of really awful waffle from creator Chris Carter, whose indigestible exposition-dumps of mythos/backstory/conspiracy were the reason we stopped watching in the first place. 373 more words



De una espesa niebla que cubre completamente la pantalla aparece el taxi que recorrerá cada noche las sucias y peligrosas calles de Nueva York. Los nombres de los protagonistas sobre el fondo neblinoso desaparecen y los ojos de Robert de Niro ocupan completamente la pantalla. 460 more words


Gene Wilder - Master of Comedic Timing

His smile. Those eyes. I love his facial expressions. Gene Wilder could stand alone in a movie. He was the star. He could really pull you in and make you feel like you were right there beside him. 193 more words

Everyday Life

Mini-Review Monday: Young Frankenstein

Release: December 15, 1974

Story: Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (played by Gene Wilder), the grandson of mad scientist Victor Frankenstein, wants nothing to do with his grandfather’s monster creating work. 343 more words


Young Frankenstein: An Appreciation

Young Frankenstein

An appreciation by Jordan

42 years have passed since the release of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, a classic comedy that embraces all the silliness the pairing of Brooks and comedian Marty Feldman promises, while also offering an undoubtable level of care and craftsmanship. 470 more words

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Gene Wilder: An Appreciation

Never did I imagine adding two posts about humor in as many days.

When I heard Gene Wilder died, I felt a pang of sadness but nothing overwhelming. 507 more words

Midlife Crisis

Gene Wilder (1933-2016)

I’d like to imagine that Gene and Peter are performing this little number together right now…with Gilda watching from the front row and clapping.

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