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4 July

Paul Flaherty — Aria Nativa (2008, Family Vineyard)



Not as thick or throaty as Peter Brötzmann and not as course or orotund as Mats Gustafsson, Paul Flaherty is just as spirited and verbose in his playing. 226 more words

Album Review

18 June

Mats Gustafsson and Craig Taborn – Ljubljana (2017, Clean Feed Records)



This live meeting between Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and American pianist Craig Taborn at the 2015 Slovenia Jazz Festival is both brooding and frantic, yet remains a transcendent affair. 317 more words

Album Review

FMP Records’ Free Jazz Legacy is Alive and Well at Destination: OUT

When Jeff Golick and Jeff Jackson started the blog destination: OUT in the mid ’00s, they hoped to show that “free jazz” doesn’t automatically mean “difficult.” “We felt that the most accessible and exciting free jazz albums were unfortunately some of the least known,” says Jackson. 1,435 more words

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Put a Skronk On It

Why not start the week full force? Whether or not it’s how you mean to go on. I like to moan, well, in general, I was born to it – even by the high standards of the English, but in this instance I like to moan about the accursed dead hand of Hawkwind upon the allegedly experimental music of the young folks and how commonly it sinks into turgid retro sludge substituting volume for imagination. 157 more words



As far as I know, the New York State improv trio Borbetomagus—saxophonists Don Dietrich and Jim Sauter, and guitarist Donald Miller (who’s actually a New Orleans resident these days)—haven’t set foot in a recording studio in close to 25 years. 692 more words


Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann - S/T

Portuguese psych rock masters Black Bombaim teaming up with veteran free jazz nomad Peter Brötzmann for a live recorded freak out? Yes. Yes I will have some of that. 6 more words


Black Bombain and Peter Brötzmann

Black Bombain seem to me to be born collaborators. Their live jam from late last year was a seriously good piece of music, and if you haven’t heard their collaboration with Gnod, then you should know that Black Gnod’s… 304 more words