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Drawings from the project ”Towards Comfo Vedge” by CRAB Studio.

”Perhaps the ideal way in which an architect can approach the act of drawing is to be unaware that is actually doing it all.” 38 more words

Jacob Rees-Moog

Jacob Rees-Moog is the third song in the “Rage Against The Brexit Machine” collection and is a rather unusual number. Not so much a song, rather a groove. 481 more words

Academy Of Rock

Whose Watchdown is it Anyway: S01E03, or 'Nothing if not subtle...'

Okay, NOW onto the good stuff! Even if this is Series 1, and we’ve got some more awkwardness to wade through, we still have Episode 3 to save us. 1,335 more words

John Sessions

No, Jeremy Corbyn! The latest release in the musical fight against Brexit.

I’ve interviewed both Peter Cook and Madeleina Key for Conversations with Europe over the last few months. As two of the most high profile and creative pro-EU campaigners at the present time, it was inevitable that I’d soon be chatting to them about a joint project. 1,586 more words


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A superb interview by Rebecca Buck with Madeleina Kay et moi about the "Rage Against The Brexit Machine" project which seeks to crush Brexit Populism with Pop Music. Do check our suite of songs out on Amazon, ITunes, Google Play and let's Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain ... We now have three songs online so please buy them now and tell your friends ... Pants to Brexit, No, Jeremy Corbyn and Jacob Rees-Moog. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej7b8tbtTz4[/embed]

See Ada Karmi-Melamede at Yale

Ada Karmi-Melamede has an interesting connection to Manhattan Modernism. I first interviewed her 25 years ago, upon the completion of her Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem. 894 more words

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