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It's more than just a matter of words

I wrote this the other day but didn’t push the “publish” button. But with Andrew Bolt having put up a post today on The West attacked: killers to the right, ferals to the left… 867 more words

Philosophical And Speculative

Islamists are not on the "far right" and they are not "extremists"

There are no two people in politics I agree with more consistently than Andrew Bolt and Peter Costello, so if I bring up one of Andrew Bolt’s posts in which both feature, it must be understood that I don’t disagree with a single point they make, only with the terms they use. 788 more words

Philosophical And Speculative

Liberal Leadership: Someone Drops The C-Word

PERHAPS INEVITABLY in the fevered climate surrounding the leadership of the federal Liberal Party and the Prime Ministership, Peter Costello’s name has been raised as a potential addition to those already in the mix to replace Tony Abbott; Costello remains an exceedingly unlikely starter, but in grim circumstances every option demands consideration: and Costello, to be sure, is a better candidate than any MP in the Liberal party room. 1,133 more words

Poem: Abbott, No Costello

Abbott, No Costello

Why did we get the straight man?
The one to take us straight into turmoil
The one would go straight to his… 136 more words


Did former PM Julia Gillard ask Muslims to get out of Australia?

Right-wing groups and Islamphobes have been circulating a speech purportedly by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard asking Muslims to leave Australia if they cannot tolerate their Constitution without Sharia law. 288 more words


Hoboken Man Allegedly Threw Eggs, Ammonia On Neighbor's Door

HOBOKEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A Hoboken, New Jersey man faces multiple charges after allegedly vandalizing doors of his apartment building.

Police believe 70-year-old John Pietropaolo is behind a series of incidents since August 2012. 251 more words