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'Green Book' only goes skin-deep

Green Book (2018)

Directed by Peter Farrelly

In “Green Book,” one of the minor characters says earnestly that “It takes courage to change people’s hearts.” It’s a nice line in context, but it rings pretty hollow when you try to attribute it to the movie as a whole. 402 more words


Stand-out performances don't help "Green Book" rise above the mundane. [Film Fest 919 Review]

Representing EoM as press, contributor Hunter Heilman attended the first annual Film Fest 919 in Raleigh, NC, to review several films that are either in limited release now or are yet to be released. 863 more words


Green Book Box Office Prediction

Blogger’s Note (11/20): On the eve of its premiere, I have decreased my projection for Green Book

Green Book is debuting on four screens this weekend, but expands to approximately 1000 over the long Thanksgiving frame on Wednesday. 199 more words


'Green Book' Beautifully Illuminates The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Race

You couldn’t be blamed for thinking that Green Book is probably the latest in a long tradition of award season movies that seem like they were designed to make white people feel good about themselves. 1,225 more words

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 Greetings again from the darkness. “The Negro Motorist Green Book” was a travel guide highlighting safe places for African Americans to stay, eat and visit from the 1930’s through the mid 1960’s. 578 more words


Green Book is Engaging Must See Best Picture Experience

Regal Cinemas invited me to see Director Peter Farrelly’s film Green Book, the unveiling of the very talented piano virtuoso Don Shirley of whom I had never heard of prior to seeing this film. 508 more words