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Nancy Sinatra and Peter Fonda

The Wild Angels (1966). Producer Roger Corman tackles the Hell’s Angels with realism, taking apart the cult and giving its members an indepth study as he follows a gang headed by Peter Fonda in their defiance of common decencies. 28 more words


Wild Angels

The booze and bongo delivery service provide a blurry bottle of J&B.

Action Crime

Underrated Masterpieces: Ghost Rider

After directing Daredevil (2003) and producing Elektra (2005), Mark Steven Johnson directed Ghost Rider (2007), an intense horror-thriller about a stunt driver who became a Spirit of Vengeance. 93 more words


A Movie A Day #196: Mercenary Fighters (1988, directed by Riki Shelach Nissimoff)

Everyone’s favorite hippie action hero, Peter Fonda, plays Virelli, a long-haired Vietnam vet turned mercenary who is hired by a corrupt African general (Robert Doqui) to protect the construction of a dam that will result in the flooding of a native village.   294 more words


Easy Rider (1969)

Summer is in full swing, bringing the return of a classic American vacation staple: the road trip. Many movies have put their own spin on a road trip, but one of my favorite road movies is the 1969 film  531 more words

Hollywood Renaissance

EFC Classics - Easy Rider (1969)

Feat. The Music of Steppenwolf

“What the hell is wrong with freedom?”

Easy Rider was released on this date in 1969. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper star as biker friends who travel across the American Southwest in search of freedom and spiritual redemption.

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Escape from L.A. (1996) [review]

While this does have the usual sequel problems; there are so few, to the point where we have a film which is almost as enjoyable as the original. 447 more words