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Review: Humans 3.0, by Peter Nowak

It’s easy to get worried about the future sometimes. Climate change, an unstable economy, terrorist groups, government spying on its citizens, the combined impact of all this can really get you down, especially if you’re an avid consumer of cable news. 481 more words


Book Club: "Sex, Bombs and Burgers" by Peter Nowak

The subtitle of this book is: “How War, Porn and Fast Food Created Technology as We Know It”, which perfectly describes this enjoyable geeky read. 229 more words


OTF Roundtable: Chicago Fire Week Thirteen

Each and every week, OTF’s writers and contributors chime in on the state of the Fire… 2,605 more words

Chicago Fire

Freddy Adu - Child Star

There is a peculiar thing that happens to a lot of child stars that is quite sad really. When they become adults they can’t deal with the fact that they now have to compete with other grownups who have been honing their craft and working their tails off to get where they are. 860 more words


Freddy Adu Belongs Amongst the Stars in LA

I was just reading an article on Freddy Adu, and from the sound of it, you’d think he was crap. But he’s not. In fact, he posssesses a lot more than a lot of guys in… 611 more words


MLS Draft warnings, caveats and context: Looking at those 2010 top selections

Denizens of the American sports scene recognize the imprecise nature of drafting college talent. Clearly it’s more art than science – otherwise, we would not have the notorious Jordan Oversight to consider: 651 more words

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