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Public Discussion at LSE, April 30: How Free is Free Speech?

As a result of recent legislation, public authorities everywhere are now required to be on guard against the dangers of ‘extremism’ and to report ‘extremists’ to the authorities where they come across them in the course of their work – whether as teachers, mental health professionals, university lecturers or in some other capacity. 134 more words

Human Rights

TRIBAL POLITICS & DENIALIST PROPAGANDA: Time for the Left and the City boys to name and shame the EU bullies


We have heard a great deal over the last two months about The Times and the Telegraph being used as “political weapons” and agents of furthering the business aims – ‘content for money’ – of the owners and their advertisers. 922 more words

Alistair Campbell

“Truly independent”?: The Guardian and advertising

“Truly independent”?: The Guardian and advertising
by Ian Sinclair
Morning Star
3 March 2015

The Guardian’s public profile is shrouded in the journalism equivalent of American Exceptionalism. 1,097 more words


Crowds at Lahore Lit Fest ignore bomb risks and raise hopes for Pakistan’s future

The hope that one day Pakistan will escape from the clutches of jihadist terrorism, corrupt politicians and an over-bearing army came alive last weekend at the Lahore Literary Festival, where mostly young audiences averaging 25,000 people a day applauded criticisms and wider worries about the functioning of the country as well as enjoying other sessions on literature and the arts. 1,093 more words


Lessons from Oborne: clickbait, commerce and newsroom culture - Angela Phillips

When Peter Oborne resigned from the Telegraph last week, his parting outpouring of rage at the paper’s ‘fraud upon its readers’ for failing to properly report the HSBC scandal was wrong in only one discernable respect: the rot had set in… 873 more words


What We Learned Last Week (16/02 - 22/02)

1) HSBC offers full page apology only for the least of their crimes

“They don’t mention all the tens of thousands of beheaded people in Mexico and Columbia.

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Editors, the great beasts of the newsroom face extinction as the desire for money replaces ethical journalism

Editors. Those great beasts of the newsroom. So often they have been misunderstood by those who work with them.

They are made out to be characters to fear, as if they are some peculiar villain from a Hammer House of Horror film. 986 more words