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Lies, Mistruths and Mass Murder in Yemen

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Yemen. Journalist and Author, Peter Oborne talks about the potential war crimes in Yemen that could be getting covered up by the government.

World At War

Repealing the Fixed-term Parliaments Act?

Some commentators, as I have previously noted, still appear to be unaware of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act and think that the PM can call a ‘snap’ election.  483 more words

What Conservative Government? – Part 8, Theresa May Is Wrong To Embrace Socialism In Defence Of The Nation State

By openly declaring war on the libertarian wing of the Conservative Party, Theresa May reveals that she cannot tell the difference between defending the nation state (good) and shoehorning the state into every aspect of citizens’ lives (bad) 1,892 more words

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Goodbye New Labour: Victorious Corbyn consigns Blairism to history | Middle East Eye

Note to so-called journalists of the mainstream press, this is how you report the news. Fairly without innuendo based on little more than gossip. The author of this piece openly admits he disagrees with Corbyn politically, and yet he writes this. 10 more words

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The government’s dodgy EU dossier

Citizens have a right to form a fair and balanced judgment, and are therefore entitled to be informed about their political choices. Lying disempowers and therefore debases those who are lied to.

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Cameron's apology to Suliman Gani is too late and does not go far enough

CROSSPOST: Peter Oborne

I had never heard a political lie as squalid as the one told by David Cameron in Prime Minister’s Questions on 20 April – and for which he offered a very belated semi-apology late last night. 1,402 more words

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"If ..."

No – one can have failed to miss the hysteria (mostly perpetuated by the tories and John Mann MP) concerning comments made by Ken Livingstone. 522 more words