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House GOP Health Bill Would Add 23 Million Uninsured, Cut $119 Billion in Deficit Through 2026, CBO Says

Congressional Budget Office gives nonpartisan estimates for next decade

The House passed a health-care bill, but the Senate is currently working on its own version. PHOTO: SAUL LOEB/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES… 2,050 more words

Obamacare Falls with Obama, Rome Burns


The summary of Obamacare found in this article was originally written in March of 2010.

Americans have now irrefutably discovered what the LaRouche Organization told them seven years ago, that Obamacare, and Obama, represent a craven, evil attempt to establish the philosophy, and the specifics of Hitler’s system into U.S. 522 more words


Saving Money on Cardiac Care

The federal government’s own actuaries are once again pessimistic that America’s health-care costs will continue their slow growth. Thankfully, their boss, Sylvia Burwell, the secretary of Health and Human Services, is working hard to prove them wrong. 65 more words

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This Isn't 'Big Data.' It's Just Bad Data.

With response rates that have declined to under 10 percent, public opinion polls are increasingly unreliable. Perhaps even more concerning, though, is that the same phenomenon is hindering surveys used for official government statistics, including the Current Population Survey, the Survey of Income and Program Participation and the American Community Survey. 35 more words

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Let Veterans Get Civilian Medical Care

I disagree with pretty much everything Donald Trump has ever said. But in calling for veterans to have more options on their doctors and hospitals, he’s got a point. 68 more words

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Clinton's Shrewd Plan to Stop Inversions

Political campaigns are not generally known as ideal laboratories for devising sensible, innovative policies. Yet Hillary Clinton’s proposals to combat corporate inversions — in which U.S. 91 more words

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A Better Way to Educate Doctors

Just when it seems as if citizens everywhere are revolting against government, a county in Texas provides a vivid counterexample. In 2012, voters in Travis County… 95 more words

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