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People Lie, But Search Data Tell the Truth

Looking to Google for a revolution in social science.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former research assistant of mine, would not strike most people as a revolutionary. Yet in his new book “

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Peter Orszag

A Better Goal for Trump on Health Care

Forget about repealing Obamacare. Work instead on lowering medical costs and improving treatment.

Rather than renew their failed effort to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans should move on to another aspect of health care: the need to contain costs and improve value.

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Peter Orszag

Management Practices Matter More Than You Think

To understand macroeconomic changes, look at how individual companies are run.

Management consultants face perennial questions about what value they add to companies. But management practices go a long way toward explaining why some businesses perform better than others, an important 

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No Raise? It's Not You. It's Your Company.

At top-performing firms, workers of all skill levels climb the income ladder.

The kind of company you work for makes a big difference to your chances of getting raises,  132 more words

Peter Orszag

The Wrong Way to Lower Health-Insurance Premiums

Republicans’ Obamacare replacement would bring lower-value policies.

For proponents of the American Health Care Act, perhaps the most encouraging nugget in the Congressional Budget Office’s otherwise critical  111 more words

Peter Orszag

Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines Won't Save Money

An idea that sounds easy is too complicated to work.

The effort to replace Obamacare faces increasing challenges, the more it is subjected to the harsh light of scrutiny. 87 more words

Peter Orszag

Alexander Hamilton Loved Employee Ownership. So Should We.

By protecting jobs, worker equity plans support the whole economy.

Employee equity ownership of companies has been promoted in the U.S. since the country’s founding. After the Revolutionary War, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton fostered the resurgence of the codfish industry by providing financial subsidies — but only for ships that had written  23 more words

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