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Extraordinary Stress and Pessimism Take a Grim Toll

Why poor Americans are dying younger.

Life expectancy in the U.S. declined slightly in 2016, as it did in 2015, and — at least as important — the overall trends continue to mask  548 more words

Peter Orszag

Out-of-Pocket Health Costs Are Rising, But Not That Much

As a share of total health spending, they’re actually shrinking.

“Dad, I got a bill for $1,113.” One of our daughters was incensed. “I went to my doctor with a simple question. 591 more words

Peter Orszag

Value-Based Care Conundrum for Reforming U.S. Healthcare - A Response

Healthcare Attorney Matt Fisher has recently described the “Cost Conundrum of Value-Based Care.” He provides a sober reality check for public and private healthcare sectors as well as healthcare investors. 746 more words


Response to Peter Orszag: Efficiency Is Not Enough!

Economist Peter Orszag, who blogs regularly on the economics of healthcare, recently highlighted a survey of healthcare CEOs conducted by his firm Lazard. The survey showed that these CEOs see that… 408 more words


Scenario in Senate Bill: Drug Rationing

By slashing Medicaid’s budget, the health-care bill would lead to prescription price controls.

Senate Republicans may not realize it, but their repeal-and-replace health-care legislation, if passed, would set the U.S. 783 more words

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Virtual Reality Can Conquer Real Pain

It’s a promising medical weapon to deploy in the opioid crisis.

Despite all efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, the crisis continues to destroy lives and contribute to the 

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Peter Orszag

Health Care Is Reforming, Just Not in Washington

Business leaders see better value for the dollar before the end of the decade.

As lawmakers in Washington continue their debate over how to modify the U.S.

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