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David Caprio: Exit, Pursued by a Bear

I don’t think there’s a serious political observer who takes David Caprio’s statement that he’s stepping down as RI Democratic Party chair because he cannot “dedicate the necessary time and energy to assist in their respective campaigns,” at face value. 697 more words

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RI Lawmaker Wants To Ban Dogs From Drivers' Laps

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A lawmaker in Rhode Island wants to pass a law to stop motorists from driving with dogs in their laps.

State Rep. 86 more words


Peter Palumbo is a tool

Shortly after succeeding in getting her school to take down its unconstitutional endorsement of religion, student Jessica Ahlquist was inundated with insults and harassment. Some of it she got from fellow students, but most of it came by way of the Internet. 555 more words


Ugly American Christians.

In the fifties, Americans cemented an already existing reputation for being rude, arrogant, loudmouthed boors when visiting other countries — earning the epithet “the Ugly American.” But the Ugly American has nothing on the Ugly American Christian, and Jessica Ahlquist has been feeling the full weight of Christian ugliness. 882 more words


Those Racist, Vile Law Enforcement Agencies

In the June 3 Providence Phoenix, Phillipe and Jorge wrote about Peter Palumbo’s submission of a Arizona-like anti-illegal immigrant bill, and Gordon Fox’s move to prevent it from getting a floor vote.   233 more words

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Jack, we need you more than ever.

It is a sad day in America.  Last night Jack Bauer retired, probably to pick up a great deal on a subprime-vintage Florida condo.  Now I can understand why Jack would retire; after all, in recent days he was shot and tortured; his daughter was kidnapped; he lost a wife and a girlfriend.  457 more words