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Effie's Heart/Modcloth Review: Carrot-Print Dress

You know what I love? Carrots. They’re probably one of the most delightful produce items ever to exist. Colorful, crunchy, healthy, fun to grow and even more fun to pull from the ground: let’s all raise a watering can to carrots, okay? 439 more words



Ever since I learned the basics of sewing, I wanted to know more and more about sewing, I wanted to learn new techniques, I wanted to learn how to give a clean finish on the inside and outside of the garment. 420 more words


Second Serving

I sewed a Sencha blouse a little over two years ago, and although I loved the pattern and the look of the finished blouse, after some time I just couldn’t bear the synthetic quality of the fabric anymore. 540 more words


Simple + Sweet | Peter Pan Collar

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a good Peter Pan Collar. I absolutely love the sweet, playful, retro vibe. I find them to be super feminine, and incredibly sophisticated at the same time. 143 more words


Edenham Chelsea

I initially finished this dress on Christmas Eve, but since I had had to rush, I was not entirely happy with it. It was okay for a family Christmas supper, but I intended to wear it beyond that night, so I knew I had to change some details or I would not want to wear it for everyday life. 745 more words