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Peter Pan

I remember walking in Hyde Park in London and coming across a statue of Peter Pan and thinking about it later this poem drifted into my mind. 140 more words

Original Acrylic Paintings.



Wendy surveyed the room.  Her eyes wandered fondly over the toys.  Wendy had kept the room just as it was when Peter would visit and such merry times abounded.   164 more words

Disney in Acrylic

I love Disney, who doesn’t? Before I became obsessed with spray paint I was creating some fun paintings using acrylics. I did these two Disney themed ones. 155 more words


"The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy" Season Three on YouTube

A few years ago a YouTube trend sparked in adapting classic literature into modern vlog-style webseries. The first of these to really take off was… 204 more words

Peter Pan


Peter’s fairy fell in love with his wild chaotic nature…

but O what a tragedy for something so small to have a heart so big, 9 more words

Original Poetry


Pan, the prequel to the Disney’s Peter pan movie as well as the prequel to Hook.  The movie came out in 2015 and I have long waited to watch this movie anticipating that it was going to be good by the previews and my past experiences with the other Peter Pan movies mentioned previously but I have to say this one came up on the bottom of the totem poll… Haha you get it because of the natives.. 605 more words

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Lost Boy by Ruth B

As a 51 year old man surrounded by a bunch of adolescent children, I rarely share their taste in music. However, the teenagers have turned me onto one song that I find quite moving: … 897 more words

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