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Robin Williams-Gone Three Years Today

Today we remember the late, great Robin Williams who took his own life three years ago. He is sorely missed for his humor, his heart and his own unique brand of comedy that can never be duplicated. 184 more words


Project 1.14: Peter Pan

Before We Begin

For me, Peter Pan is a lot like Alice in Wonderland: I’ve never seen it in full (at least, not recently enough to remember), and I get the feeling it hasn’t aged well – for  687 more words


Can't Ctrl + z in real life

I think the bravest thing someone does sometimes is show up. Not go fight in a war. Not stand up to a bully. Not shoot a bow and arrow through some sort of coronation ring. 379 more words


Pan (2015, dir. Joe Wright)

A prequel of sorts to JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. And not a very good one either. Some interesting production design, but that’s about it. A poor script, misjudged performances, and evidence of a post-production salvage attempt. A disappointment.

Eamonn's Reviews

Disney's Villains' Revenge(Review)

Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review the PC game Disney’s Villains’ Revenge for Windows & MAC.

In this game, The Villains steal the happy endings of their respective stories resulting in Captain Hook sword fighting Peter Pan(who is now a decrepit old man), the Wicked Queen putting both Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs into a deep sleep with her Poison Apples(with no prince to break the spell), the Queen of Hearts placing Alice’s head & body in separate locations within her Hedge Maze, the Circus Ringmaster Strips Dumbo of his ability to fly and forces him to do his humiliating skydiving stunts. 115 more words


Second star to the right: Everland review

Please be aware that this review contains some spoilers. Do not continue reading unless you are fine with being spoiled. 

I’ve been looking forward to reading  440 more words


Free Tinkerbell Cross Stitch Pattern Peter Pan Perler

Cross stitch pattern of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. It’s small enough to fit on a Perler board. Thanks to Perseus for the sprite. Download the PDF here:  79 more words