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Spider-Man #1 - Master Plan

I have no idea what this book is going to be about as a I pick it up, but as I’m still riding that Spider-Man Homecoming high, I just don’t even care at this point, because if it has Spider-Man on it I want to get my hands on it! 754 more words

Comic Book

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

This movie manages to embody the tone of the central character, AND make me believe that the central character really is the Spiderman that I know and love. 205 more words


Shut up, Ned! 

By G. P. Avants

When a superhero takes a new turn in the direction of their life they are not the only one to adapt to a new situation. 353 more words

Spider-Man comics finally swing into the big-money league

Our friendly neighbourhood arachnid is finally getting the attention he deserves among collectors – with a new issue shooting straight to No 1 and copies of the first series selling for hundreds of thousands…
730 more words


Marvel Heroes Omega Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

Marvel has released some new content inspired by Spider-Man Homecoming in the exciting game, Marvel Heroes Omega. Check out the trailer and some awesome screenshots below.

Comic Reviews for 7/19/17

Batman #27

One man finds himself caught between the forces of the War of the Jokes and Riddles like a kite in a hurricane, being pushed and pulled between Joker, Riddler, and Batman; and his family’s safety hanging in the balance. 1,731 more words