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Deadpool Teaches Spider-Man About The Real World

Deadpool has the right idea here, progressive even if you take into account the style of the art that makes us believe this is the 60’s or 70’s. 9 more words


Why It's Hard To Stay Mad At Deadpool

If you’re wondering why Spider-Man is pissed at Deadpool, it’s because the latter killed him not once but twice! Deadpool mistakenly thought that Peter Parker was evil and manipulating his friend Spider-Man, hence the murder. 38 more words


Deadpool Shoots Peter Parker With A Shotgun

Deadpool has a good point. Turning something off then on again almost always fixes an issue. Here he learns that Peter Parker isn’t a bad guy after all since his soul didn’t go to hell.

From – Spider-Man – Deadpool #5


How Deadpool Brought Peter Parker Back To Life

It’s always awkward when you bump into an ex, even more so when you need to ask a favor from said ex. Deadpool used to having a thing with Death before… 20 more words