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God, Virtue Ethics, and Rythm

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There are countless ways of understanding God’s nature. New atheists such as Daniel Dennett, for example, reject a variety of theisms that defines God as a supernatural agent who desires humanity’s worship. 1,093 more words

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Four Ways of Thinking About God - Peter Rollins

Being – Hyper-Being, Ground of Being, Event

Drawing on John Caputo’s book “The Folly of God,” Peter Rollins articulates four ways of thinking about God. As our adult education class explores relationship to the Divine in a world beyond the creeds of our ancestors, these ways of thinking about God provided us with lenses to see beyond what is all too often a theological darkness.  17 more words

Progressive Theology

Acceptably Unacceptable

A couple of months ago I went to hear a new favorite author of mine speak. His name is Peter Rollins. He talked about how we often deceive ourselves and live in the realm of the “Acceptably Unacceptable.” It’s like this. 538 more words

The Death of God and Narnia

I have recently been reading through the Chronicles of Narnia in order to relive a part of my childhood. As much as I disagree with Lewis’s theology, and the fact that I find his allegory quite on the nose throughout the books, I have been enjoying reading through them for the most part. 703 more words


Down with Disney Jesus

Like many people that grew up in Western Evangelical churches, I’ve probably moved to a place in which I feel increasingly uncomfortable with how churches tend to operate, or at least less eager to endorse the systems that have been created by them. 1,006 more words

A Deep And Sustained Questioning Arises – 7 quotes from Peter Rollins book – The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief

1. Abuse and devalue a person’s actual presence

“If we think that a person can be adequately understood as a purely biological system then we do an injustice to that person’s subjectivity, while if we seek to move beyond the flesh of a person and engage in some ‘pure’ relationship unsullied by their physical manifestation then we abuse and devalue that person’s actual presence.

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Quotes From A Book

Work and Non-work: the practice of finding something in nothing

“God is in the body, where we look out for each other.” –Peter Rollins

I’ve had a part time job on top of finishing this book for over a month now, and I find that my mind is cluttered–my brain is literally compartmentalizing itself again, creating new pathways and figuring out new rhythms, and by mid day it is exhausted. 512 more words