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Post-Sabbatical Reading Reflection: The Divine Magician by Peter Rollins & What Does the Church Do with His Message?

I desperately wanted to “love” this book or even like it a whole lot. The concept grabbed me right away when I read it on Amazon.com a few months ago: 1,426 more words


Confronting Lilith: An Angel or Demon?

She is described as too feral and independent a woman to be named and tamed by human discourse or dominated and domesticated through the domain of human reason, and so she dwells in the margins of our understanding, arising only as a sinister fairy tale, told in the dead of night, by Jewish parents who wish to frighten their wayward children.

1,037 more words
Religious Studies

Leap of Doubt - How Do We Believe Resurrection? - an interactive sermon (Easter 2)

This sermon is an interactive exploration which was recorded last year. It provides a timely reminder of the journey we have been on in our progressive Christian community. 1,110 more words

Progressive Theology

I Don't Know: Practicing Sabbath as Meaninglessness

In his newest book The Divine Magician (I review it here), Peter Rollins makes the case for the Crucifixion being the archetypal moment of meaninglessness in the world. 706 more words


The British God

The British Empire was the most extensive empire the world has ever seen, but by 1952 when Bertrand Russell wrote the famous essay which introduced the Celestial  Teapot to the world, it was on its last legs. 3,403 more words

Bertrand Russell

What About That Resurrection Thing?

As Easter Sunday approaches, my mind keeps ruminating on statements that philosopher and theologian Peter Rollins willingly shares about his thoughts on the resurrection of Jesus. 616 more words

3 Peter Rollins Books that You Must Read


1. The Divine Magician: The Disappearance of Religion and the Discovery of Faith

Dogma, doctrine and tradition are questioned as Peter Rollins uses the metaphor of the magic trick to expose the illusion of what he calls the sacred-object.  602 more words

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