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Peter Rollins Talks About Extremism Amongst Triple J Fans

Radical philosopher and duck enthusiast Peter Rollins has helped explain certain fanatic tendencies displayed by Triple J fans, by claiming that the government-funded radio station acts as a means to drown out feelings of anxiety, and prevents encounters with  503 more words


Peter Rollins

Beautiful reinvention and reinterpretation about the nihilistic heart of Christianity, and what comes after.

“In Christianity, the temple curtain is ripped, and we see that the sacred object we thought we needed doesn’t exist.”

Jesus is the Human One: Just Look Beneath the Surface of the Text: a sermon on John 6:1-21 for Pentecost 9B

I am indebted to the work of Origen of Alexandria, John Dominic Crossan and Peter Rollins for providing a deeper understanding of the stories of Jesus’ Feeding of the Multitude and Walking on the Water. 17 more words

Progressive Theology

On Depression.

I haven’t written in a while because I’m currently working through and sitting with depression. Writing it down feels uncomfortable—it’s not something I ever though I’d put to paper… 791 more words

Soul Food

Shiny and Beautiful

Sometimes, the things that are so close to us are so difficult to see.

At the most obvious concrete level, we can not, for example, see our own nose with out the aide of a mirror.   789 more words

Peter Rollins on Radical Theology

In April, I had the privilege of travelling to Belfast to attend Peter Rollins’ Festival of Light where he gathered together some of the thinkers who have influenced his thinking. 41 more words

Progressive Christianity

Personalities of A New Movement.

In my last post I said I’d link you guys to some awesome sources for spiritual guidance both on the web and in literature. Here’s the thing, a lot of people will say that all you need is the Bible. 1,106 more words