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A Deep And Sustained Questioning Arises – 7 quotes from Peter Rollins book – The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief

1. Abuse and devalue a person’s actual presence

“If we think that a person can be adequately understood as a purely biological system then we do an injustice to that person’s subjectivity, while if we seek to move beyond the flesh of a person and engage in some ‘pure’ relationship unsullied by their physical manifestation then we abuse and devalue that person’s actual presence.

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Work and Non-work: the practice of finding something in nothing

“God is in the body, where we look out for each other.” –Peter Rollins

I’ve had a part time job on top of finishing this book for over a month now, and I find that my mind is cluttered–my brain is literally compartmentalizing itself again, creating new pathways and figuring out new rhythms, and by mid day it is exhausted. 512 more words

God Losing the Security of God – 10 quotes from Peter Rollins book – Insurrection: To Believe is Human To Doubt, Divine

1. The loss of all that once gave meaning

“Radical doubt, suffering, and the sense of divine forsakenness are central aspects of Christ’s experience and thus a central part of what it means to participate in Christ’s death.

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Drawn in response to listening to Peter Rollins and Rob Bell in conversation.


Why our worship services are not good enough (and God might even hate them)

Worship services could actually be keeping us from worship.  Sound impossible?

Peter Rollins, in his book Insurrection, suggests that it’s actually very possible.  In the Old Testament, God pointed out to the nation of Israel that their worship was not acceptable to him.  2,667 more words

Could a church worship service be a bad thing?

Did you have a security blanket as a kid?  Maybe it was a special stuffed animal or a pacifier.  Or did you suck your thumb? 441 more words

All Is Grace

As we move to the third song of the EP, things start to get a little bit more theological in nature. It’s exploring my own confusions around the fact that I find a lot of what is considered normal spiritual activity these days pretty difficult to relate to now. 921 more words