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Surfing the avalanche

Ellen thinks maybe the second avalanche was still moving when we drove through it. 887 more words

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A Bear Creek Chess Game

OK, let us review.

A year ago, the setup seemed, to a casual observer, pretty simple. The Telluride Ski and Golf Company introduced the idea of expanding the ski area into upper Bear Creek. 1,093 more words

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A country boy in the big city

Boston Common, September 11. The woman striding along the path in the sun has just a little bit of a hitch in her gittyup. Or maybe it’s hip, city-girl attitude; there’s plenty of that on display this brilliant fall day on Boston’s historic greensward. 715 more words

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The irresistible pull of fire

We woke up Thursday morning to the bang of thunder.

It was that kind of shock-wave crack that commands your full attention. Not a distant rumble, the lightning had obviously found ground close by. 922 more words

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Back on the Bike Again

It’s so good to be back on the bike again. Breathing hard. Dripping sweat onto the top tube. Seeing the world come up and go by in a blur utterly unlike either walking or driving. 674 more words

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An old man rewrote my Wiki page

I, Scott McInnis, have been accused recently of going in and altering my Wikipedia profile. This is a non-issue. If I weren’t running for Governor of Colorado, nobody would have even noticed. 716 more words

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What if you couldn't see?

I was moving through an aspen jungle. It was a jungle. White columbine and waist-high bluebells hid the ground while a fluttering canopy closed off much of the sky. 750 more words

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