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Marquis on Singer on Poverty

What’s Wrong? is grateful to Don Marquis for sharing some of his latest thoughts about Peter Singer’s work on poverty here (image: poverty).


Determining the Cost of Living

Last week in class, we read “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” by Peter Singer. In this essay, Singer argues that everyone should donate all of their extra money to charity because that money is better spent saving a child’s life than buying a new flat screen television. 325 more words

Animal Liberation, Peter Singer, and #WorldVegetarianDay

Yesterday I read Industrial Farming is One of the Worst Crimes in History, an article by Yuval Noa Harari, and had to write this. Especially apt as it’s World Vegetarian Day… 315 more words

Outer Beauty

Earning to Give

In The Most Good You Can Do, philosopher Peter Singer tells us how we can all do better through “effective altruism”, which he describes as a solidly ethical way of living. 847 more words


Philosophy Abounds

Humans are thinking creatures and when we are thinking, even dimly, the world can appear as a mystery. Questions open up and are ripe for wondering. 422 more words


Does True Charity Exist? -- July 29, 2013, Sermon

This sermon, from July 2013, is an examination of charity. Except for one post I’ve scheduled for September 27, It’s the last of my older sermons that I’m planning to upload to… 2,770 more words

Personal Life

The War On Science: Animal Rights Front

Peter Singer wants to close the gap between humans and animals.


One of his tactics is to focus on the mentally disabled.  He makes statements like the following: 242 more words

The War On Science