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“Work Makes You Free” – The sign written over the entrance of Aushwitz

So… What is it?

Utilitarianism is a philosophy started by Jeremy Bentham and John Stewart Mills. 702 more words

Theology And Culture

Do We Want to be as Democratic as Direct Democracy?

Direct democracy cannot work for the simple reason that someone has to decide which referendum to hold, when, and on what precise question. These calls have to be made by some representatives of the people. 100 more words

Indian System

Necessary vs. Unnecessary Suffering

The difference between necessary and unnecessary suffering is in the details. Being thirsty before drinking a glass of water is an example of necessary suffering; it comes about, is addressed, and life goes on. 582 more words



Today is philosopher Peter Singer’s 70th birthday.  Peter Singer wrote “Animal Liberation”, which is considered to be the Bible of the modern animal rights movement.  Published in 1975, it has become required reading for animal rights activists.   132 more words


This is the full version of the article I wrote last month for the International New York Times on the debate about time limits for embryo research. 1,075 more words

Philosophy & Ethics

Contra Singer

Peter Singer is perhaps the best known modern philospher, and perhaps none other so cleanly demonstrates the pathologies of modern philosophical thought. What is not asked is as telling as what is said. 1,520 more words