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Does Effective Altruism entail Socialism?

Julian Baggini raises an interesting question in his recent interview with Peter Singer on Effective Altruism: namely, what would an Effective Altruist economy look like? 905 more words


Responding to a Marxist Critique of Effective Altruism


In his recent article in Jacobin magazine, Mathew Snow argues that Effective Altruism as a movement is ‘myopic’ and ‘pernicious’ because of its focus on ‘creating a culture of giving’ instead of ‘challenging capitalism’s institutionalized taking’. 3,179 more words

Tiere die auch mal loslassen können

Peter Singer, der berühmte Australier, war ja ganz lange die Skandalnudel unter den Philosophen und wird noch immer argwöhnisch beäugt. Er ist einer, der sich schon in den 70er Jahren für die Rechte der Tiere eingesetzt hat und sich leider einen unfassbar schlechten Ruf eingehandelt hat, nachdem seine nutzenorientierte, utilitaristische Position hochgerechnet wurde und das Resultat unweigerlich feststand. 673 more words


What Effective Altruists need to answer: how much good is enough?

The growing movement of Effective Altruism has received a spike in attention in recent months with the publication of two long-awaited books on the subject, Peter Singer’s… 993 more words


Should we have an international forum to resolve clinical trial mishaps?

How to minimize cross-border clinical trial mishaps? Conflicts of interest abound. Isn’t an international forum the obvious answer? No, for the simple reason that international guidelines have existed for more than 50 years yet they haven’t prevented clinical trial mishaps. 2,838 more words

Clinical Trials

Singer and Fisher preach to their flocks in euthanasia debate

Benjamin T. Jones, University of Western Sydney

When the University of Sydney’s Catholic Society decided to organise a debate on legalising voluntary euthanasia, it was envisaged as a modest event to be held on campus. 912 more words


Abortion and Moral Philosophy

In this post I want to address the academic arguments around abortion. In the last post I discussed the Christian argument against abortion, as well as some fallacious sound bites that are often given in order to neutralize the abortion argument. 1,335 more words