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Course Notes – W.D. Ross, The Right and the Good, Ch. 2.

by Daniel A. Kaufman


School is back in session, so it’s time, once again, for Course Notes.  This semester I am teaching two sections of Ethics and Contemporary Issues, a course that is part of the General Education curriculum, and Aesthetics, an upper-division offering that runs every Fall. 2,030 more words


Is there a moral obligation to give to charity?

By Aristophanes

In his essay “Famine, Affluence, and Morality,” philosopher Peter Singer argues that not only do first-world citizens have a moral obligation to feed starving children in developing nations, but they must give until those children suffer no less than they. 1,462 more words


The Necessity of Sacrifice

We throw the word “sacrifice” around lightly.  One can sacrifice time, money, or status. “Sacrifice” rarely carries its old, religious meaning. It’s odd that we use the same word to describe both a chess move and the slaughter of animals (or even humans) for a god. 1,017 more words


Equality Is a Lie

Do you think that people of different races are born equal? What about people of different genders?

I’m asking this because we’ve been talking a lot about equality lately, especially in the wake of the… 727 more words


Morality Everywhere?

by Daniel A. Kaufman

Lately, I’ve been having a certain kind of argument, over and over again.  I feel compelled to defend something that I really like – and which I would have thought it quite… 1,610 more words


The Art of Management - The Sovereign, The General and the Cavalry Charge.

Understanding political philosophy and statecraft is essential to understanding power structures in companies and leaders.

Since humans started domesticating horses, cavalry has become an integral part of the Army. 148 more words