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The Horrific Consequences Of Ideas

Due to the recent outing of Abortion provider Planned Parenthood over their sale of organs and body parts ( To watch the videos, click here… 1,053 more words

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Meeting discussion points from 14th July 2015

Apologies for not taking as comprehensive a set of notes as usual, so the richness of our discussion will not be adequately reflected. We picked up on last month’s discussion, prompted by John Rawls, on trying to understand fairness in a more qualified manner. 390 more words

John Rawls

Thinking About Thinking

Seneca gave advice on how to achieve tranquility through the use of reason, which means  thinking rather than feeling. We see from Seneca’s letters and essays, that there are various ways to exercise reason to gain tranquility depending on the situation.  652 more words

A further thought ....

Posted by Stephen: Tom briefly commented on the Peter Singer extract and begins to develop an important debate. Obviously a blog is a bit of a short- hand and there is much more to be said, so this post is by way of extending the dialogue. 658 more words

John Rawls

What's not to like about Effective Altruism?

To borrow an overused word from Silicon Valley, Effective Altruism threatens to disrupt conventional philanthropy. Effective altruists, who aim to do the most good they can with their time and money, rely on reason and evidence to decide where to donate. 1,167 more words


On effective altruism

Peter Singer has an essay on effective altruism in the Boston Review, with responses from several authors and academics. One of the more interesting responses came from… 389 more words


Ethical Veganism: An Evaluation Through Societal Moral Expectations

The purpose of this paper is to argue that the consumption of animals and their by-products is unethical. The morality (to be used in the same sense as the word ethics in this argument) of these practices will be examined in the contexts of their effects on the animals involved as well as on the environment. 5,675 more words