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We Need To Rethink Our Relationship With Animals - Starting With Zoos

It is 2015 and across the country, and indeed across the world, animals are imprisoned for our own viewing pleasure. The happiness and well-being of these magnificent creatures is secondary to our own amusement. 2,866 more words

Paddy Vipond


Mai si iunie e sezonul paradelor homosexuale în Europa, America, si alte țări ale lumii.

Din nou, străzile marelor orase din lume vor fi inundate de homosexuali, presa va fi de parte lor, propaganda homosexuala va fi la inaltime, media va exagera numarul participantilor, ni se va spune ca homosexualii sunt victime ale discriminarii, si ca discriminarea si violenta impotriva homosexualilor sunt actiuni zilnice perpetuate de restul societatii. 2,336 more words


Celebrarea inadmisibilului la Universitatea din Bucuresti

Universitatea Bucuresti are doua liste de prezentare a celor care au fost onorati cu titlul de Doctor Honoris Causa: o lista vizibila ( o numim A -1) si o lista ascunsa intre diverse stiri ( lista B- 6). 1,132 more words


Dear Reader

A reader raised several issues that I have considered, which has led to this post.

Dear Reader,

You noted three main issues in a response to one of my first posts on animals.   524 more words

Is Poverty like a Pond?

New at e3ne.org, I take up Peter Singer’s argument that we in affluent societies have far-reaching duties to aid the global poor, possibly to the extent of bringing ourselves down almost to their level. 117 more words


Peter Singer and the common good

You are walking by a shallow pond and see a young child drowning. You could wade into the pond and save her, but doing so would ruin a $500 pair of shoes.

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Catholic Social Teaching

The Most Good WE Can Do

A review of Peter Singer’s new book; The Most Good You Can Do

You may have noticed that throughout my blog I have mentioned the modern day philosopher… 736 more words

Effective Altruism