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A reliever to the starter and the community.

Since we recently discussed Do-Gooders in class, let me tell you about one.

Not everyone knows the name Sean Doolittle. To the casual baseball fan, he’s a relief pitcher with a scraggly beard but little do they know about the charitable things he’s doing off the mound. 488 more words


Doing (The Most) Good

“Do you consider yourself a good person,” I was recently asked in earnest. “I do,” I replied, and continued that I consider myself to be especially morally sensitive – by which I mean I often think about the whether a thing is right or wrong, and try to reason my way to an answer. 987 more words

Was Jeremy Bentham an Antivivisectionist?

In this post we look at whether or not Jeremy Bentham, an eminent 18th and 19th century English philosopher,  was opposed to animal experiments. Ahead of his time in many areas, Bentham advocated for freedom of expression, abolition of slavery, equal rights for women, and the separation of church and state. 830 more words


Singer and the "Better Safe than Sorry" Principle

Regarding Singer’s argument, he states that morality cannot be based on observable scientific facts about equality of rationality because equality is all about how it “ought” to be not how it “is.” No two humans are equal in rational capacities, and some animals have more seemingly rational capacities than humans. 499 more words


Faraway Places

When Turkish fans jeered and booed during a minute’s silence held at the start of a football match between Turkey and Greece in November last year, some saw it as support for terrorism and as an insult to those who died or were injured at the hands of terrorists in Paris a few days earlier. 613 more words

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Ethical? by Peter Singer.

Last month, AlphaGo, a computer program specially designed to play the game Go, caused shockwaves among aficionados when it defeated Lee Sidol, one of the world’s top-ranked professional players, winning a five-game tournament by a score of 4-1. 967 more words


Quote of the Week - Peter Singer

This week I started reading Animal Liberation by Peter Singer and wow, it is a must to read if you want to gain any information whatsoever on the animal abuse enacted daily and the reality of the horrific treatment of animals in factory farms. 58 more words