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The Aidan Project Live #2: Insane

Hollie Thubron, singer, songwriter and author, was my guest, exclusively on Facebook Live, on Wednesday 28 March. I talked to Hollie about her debut novel, Insane, a psychological thriller which explores different perceptions of morality. 9 more words


NOTES on Peter Singer (born 1946): The Argument to Assist

  • What are “absolute poverty” and “absolute affluence”?

Absolute poverty is when you can’t provide yourself and your dependents with the necessities of life: food, shelter, and clothing. 1,372 more words


Episode 4: Recovering Intrinsic Value in a Utilitarian World

Doug and Caren talk through some of the ways a utilitarian outlook has affected our public policy, churches, educational institutions, our work, and even family lives. 39 more words

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Apa Yang Disebut Etika Adalah: Sebuah Pandangan

Tentang Etika (Peter Singer)

Pada buku Practical Ethics (1993) Peter Singer ingin menerangkan kepada kita mengenai apa itu etika. Dia secara gamblang memilah disiplin etika dari sejumlah keputusan otoritatif yang dibuat oleh penganjur moral agamawan. 2,044 more words

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The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer (Book Review)

This short and accessible book by bioethics expert Peter Singer certainly gives the reader food for thought.

Singer does not mince his words and is clear in his beliefs. 538 more words

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Should a sheep have the same rights as a person?

If you’ve ever felt sheepish, the reason may be more acute than you first thought!

Melbourne is in the middle of a world wide campaign to fight for the rights of animals*. 957 more words


Rather than Buying Art, Relieve Suffering: Peter Singer Tries Aesthetics?

Included in Peter Singer’s book Ethics in the Real World is a short essay entitled The Ethical Cost of High-Price Art. The aim of the essay is to argue that the tens of millions of dollars spent on (especially) modern art is an unethical use of money, given that the purchase is not an investment on the part of the buyer. 1,453 more words