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Chelsea and I've changed my lens!

popped out today to collect a piece of furniture from a local store and walked past a store which deals in media,you know games,dvd’s,electrical and the like and spotted in it’s window a Sigma 17-70 f2.8.This aroused my curiosity as I use a lot of Pro glass on my D300,I’m lucky enough to have the Trinity of glass i.e 12-24 2.8.24-70 2.8 and the mighty 80-200 2.8 however I try to restrict myself here to shooting with my lovely little D70s and an 18-70 f4.5.Well this is gonna change,with a bargain price and a lowepro lens case the deal was done,but only after I’d captured a shot of the sales assistant called Chelsea.1/100 f3.4 iso400.


While in the garden, a dragonfly landed on the fence straight in front of me. I had just enough time to snap some quick images using my Macro Filter Lens. 56 more words

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Macro Shots

I bought a stack of filters that screw onto my lens which brings some further flexibility to my Fujifilm HS10 bridging camera, which does not have interchangeable lenses. 290 more words

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My Photography Experiment - Veri-Cross Filter

I recently bought 23 filters for creating special effects while taking photographs. It is a very exciting area as I am usually used to doing effects, etc once the image is in my computer and edited in Lightroom and/or Photoshop. 367 more words

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Visit to Peterlee

I recently went on a long-awaited trip to Peterlee, County Durham, a new town built in 1948 to house the area’s mining communities (photos by Steve Hanson), enabled by the government’s 1946 New Towns Act. 392 more words

The NORTH: Peterlee's Apollo Pavilion

A blast from ‘The NORTH’ now. At the moment, when I close my eyes, I see motorway mileposts, 119.9 in huge, red figures and the words ‘MOTO BK COSTA M&S’ writ large across the darkness. 473 more words