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Ken Peters - I Saw The Tribulation (Cleaned Up Audio & Video)

Took the Ken Peters “I saw the Tribulation” video and was able to take out most of the noise in the background and also color correct.
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Holiday Hills shooter moved to prison for life sentence before family gets to say good bye

The wife of Scott Peters, the Holiday Hills man sentenced Thursday to 135 years in prison, this morning was in tears as she told the judge her husband had been sent away to prison this before she and their daughter could say good bye. 470 more words


Crony Capitalism: The Portman Amendment

After passing the USA Freedom Act, a bill that does very little to guarantee Americans the privacy that they deserve, the Senate has now turned to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016. 590 more words

Mrs. Peters Exits Hornets Stage

By Jadi Trumpet ’16

“Being in Midwood has taught me a lot and showed me how important it is trying to change students’ lives,” said Mrs. 298 more words


Congratulations on Nationals!

Tossing our GA Crew Team caps in the air and firing the confetti cannons in honor of our rowing Patriots:

Jess Zettlemoyer, Zach Burkhart, Emma Rapp, Katie Aemisegger, Genna Feirson, and Nina Tang… 305 more words


Scott Peters Office Occupied by Activists Over TPP

We ask Scott Peters. We demand from Scott Peters, Scott what is your decision, yes or no.

Gretchen K. Newsom, IBEW Political Director\Organizer

Update: The sit in is over.

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